Friday Afternoon Sounds

The following is a true story; only the names have been changed to protect the innocent… 20 minutes ago…The rustling of leaves in the overhead trees, birdsong, barking and a faint radio.  The neighbor screams, a vicious “No!”, followed by two more, A “yeah!, more birdsong, then a lone crow. Another scream and…ahhhh… the air conditioner kicks in and drowns out my crazy neighbors…..

It’s just your typical Friday in my neighborhood.

I hear Florence and the Machine..It’s a surreal tune and I go to the front to investigate.  My neighbor, The head of the clan of crazies is getting drunk on his front porch.  His dusty black car sitting in the driveway, sans a driver, with the radio blasting.  I don’t mind, I like the song.

He screams a “Yeah!” again and points across the street to a stop sign lying in the grass.  apparently he has seen me and he wants me to know about it.  He yells, I think, “Three Times!”,  I half-smile and wave the peace sign at him and scoot on back to the studio.

I have many “interesting” and noisy neighbors.  The three dogs, Fletcher, Jimmy and the new one,The Moaner.  The cute little girl next door who plays the violin almost constantly, the same tune that sounds like the theme to “The Exorcist“.  The Giggler on the other side and his friend, the doughfaced punk with the fluffy dog. They watch their dogs play and giggle until all hours of the night.

It is the night when it truly gets “interesting” around here.   Many times the police are called on the neighbors with the ironic name, who report many “crimes”.  Once the police showed up at our door looking for one of them who had been reported kidnapped, later he’s screaming as he’s been taken away by the bald cop.

The radio plays all night.  It’s not so bad since again I like the drunken crazy guys taste in music.  It drowns out the creepy flute music and reedy voiced woman who sometimes sings like her heart has been broken.

You can see why a visit from raccoons would be a welcome distraction.  Did I mention?  Those rascals showed up again last night and they made quite a  racket.  This morning I discovered a sunflower head missing, just a stem left. I think one of them took off with it.  Who knows.?  Just another day in the neighborhood.

Wishing you a quiet evening–Strawberryindigo.

Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

8 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Sounds”

    1. This time the linked worked and I was rewarded by seeing your lovely blog. I like the color scheme. It is visually appealing. I believe in and practice daily many of the concepts you write about. It’s nice to meet someone who shares in those beliefs.


      1. I’m now following your blog but because my username is linked to my blogging tips blog you probably won’t find my personal blog and I want you to. Hopefully if I post the link this won’t end up in the spam fiter. It’s also free hosted by and has its own domain too.


      2. RATS! I see typos above. As a result of a head injury I ended up with some problems. Among them are the fact that I’m now visually challenged. I always ask those whose blogs I comment on to please edit my typos as my app does not always catch them, and as I don’t wish to appear to be semi-literate. In other words it hurts my pride when I do witness my errors later on. 😉 If you would be so kind as to do that I would be grateful.
        Your neighborhood certainly sounds like a happening place.


        1. Thanks for following my blog. I would like to see yours but I cannot, on my end it says your blog has been deleted. Who knows? I have yet to set up my new computer and the one I am on now is old and has dementia. I have tried as best as I could to edit your previous posts per your request. If any errors remain, It’s me, not you timethief. I will make a point of reading your blog when I find it.



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