The Smile Factor

Cat smiling at sanctuary
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According to my ancient Websters dictionary; A smile is defined as a change of facial expression involving the eyes and an upward curving of the corners of the mouth that may express amusement, pleasure, affection or irony.

That sounds a tad bit antiseptic. It doesn’t define the human element of a smile and the power that a smile has.

I believe that smiles are magical and slam dunk contagious.  A warm smile has the potential to melt the coldest of the cold.  If it is honest and heartfelt, one simple smile can mean so much to the receiver of such a gift.  A smile can convey sympathy and friendship.  It can say “I understand” or “you are not alone”.

Smiling Baby

The Smile Factor

Smiles unite us.  They break down language and cultural barriers. They are a basic part of our humanity. We are born with that smile factor; that need for a smile because acknowledge it or not, we all need them.

Warm smile
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It can be easy to forget the power of a smile.  A sadness or anger can set in to a person that will cause them to never smile again.  Their face balling up into a permanent scowl.  This scowl may remove the possibility that anyone will ever smile at them again.  I think that sometimes people don’t realize the effect that we humans have on each other.

We are all connected and we affect each other more than we realize. One person’s bad day an easily become the next person’s.

Bad days are contagious too.

I have started to think about this of late. It seems some people save up their misdirected anger for someone “easier” who cannot retaliate.  “The customer is always right” is their motto above all else, even human dignity.  I have witnessed some rather awful behavior by some “right” customers.  Rarely do I witness the opposite.

Smile 2

Making a difference

I am but one person, but I believe that even one person can make a difference in the life of another.  So I am making it my habit to spread some good cheer around wherever I go. This is not always easy and I am not perfect, but I have found that putting aside my feelings a bit to sympathize with someone, pay a deserved complement or just a simple smile can have rewards in themselves that reach far beyond the here and now.

It’s easy and it spreads like wildfire.  Try it. Smile at a complete stranger if for no other reason that to just do it.  Watch the reaction you get.  A smile truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Keep smiling



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Author: Strawberryindigo

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18 thoughts on “The Smile Factor”

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I’m arriving here a bit late, but have enjoyed browsing through your enormously appealing blog. I am a philosopher and a poet and aspire to joy of the sort that is so clear in your words and in your eyes.

    Without knowing very much about you, and only recently encountering your thoughts and the luminous spirit emanating from the images of your face, I hope you don’t mind if I report being instantly smitten in a completely benevolent way. What a face!!

    Thanks for including me in your thoughts and for visiting my humble blog…..John H.


  2. Totally awesome! There’s a site where you can smile at a stranger. I forget the name of it but when I remember it, I’ll be blogging about it! Definitely the most contagious act you can do.


  3. It’s amazing how someone’s mood can change someone else’s day! I was once very tired and frustrated, and buying groceries at the end of a very long day. The shop assistant had a huge smile on his face and looked at me right in the eyes and said “Have a lovely evening” – and I immediately felt that he truly meant it. I left the shop skipping!


  4. I especially like to smile at someone when they’ve just been rude to me, like someone pushing in front of me in a queue… I feel good and they are completely fazed! 😉



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