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 What’s the rush?

It seems most people are in a hurry these days, always on the run. A blur of activity. Many practically live out of their cars.  Ferrying themselves and their children from here to there, from work to home, to school, to activities. What’s for dinner is decided in the drive thru of a fast food joint and eaten in the backseat by sleepy children after a much too long day filled to the brim with busy.

Sleeping with no deadlines...There is literally no time. No time for this or that.  No time to talk..”gotta’ go”.  No time to eat, let alone cook a healthy meal. No time to say hello, or good-bye. No time for family or friends, no time to read a book or take a walk.  No time for improvement or creativity. Or fun?  No time for love. No time to stop and smell the roses or appreciate a beautiful sunset.

No time to think, or reason or ask why. No time to see the man behind the curtain.

Time ticks by and every moment; every second is a miracle. It is a gift and most of us, myself included, just plow right through it.  Always in a hurry.   Always a full agenda.  It can’t be helped, you know..I’ve said this to myself.  People have responsibilities.  I’m swimming in them and my life is full.   Sound familiar?


How many times have you asked someone how they’ve been doing and your query was answered with “busy”  How many times have you said that?  I know I’ve said that.

It is the correct answer, most of us are busy. With jobs and families and everything else in this ever-changing ever evolving world.  Our society becomes faster paced and more complex.  The bar is set higher and higher and you better run faster and jump higher than the next guy because it’s a jungle out there.

BusynessEven when we are not busy, most of us say we are. Idleness is looked down upon. Busyness is related with importance.  An important man is a busy one and his time is more valuable than yours, so you wait.  The poor and insignificant spend a lot of time waiting.

Busy people are needed and wanted.  Busy people are in high demand. It is those that are the movers and the shakers in this world. It is the busy ones that get things done. The busier you are the more important you are and the more valuable your time is.

In Praise of Slowness

There is much to be said for slowness in our fast-paced society.  The fact that  the very concept of “slow” is seen in a negative light shows our need for the benefits that slowness brings.  It’s difficult to see clearly when your life in always in motion. Growth can only come with examination and reflection.

Life is not a road race or a competition. It’s the journey not the destination. Life is meant to be savored. The people in our lives are important, our children are important. You can do more for your child’s development and future success by talking and spending time with them rather than dragging them to a million activities and “enrichment” classes. Time spent together is essential.   Years from now when we are old and running out of it time will any of us look back with rue and regret about how we didn’t spend enough of it at Busyness?



Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

24 thoughts on “Busyness”

  1. This brought back memories of when 3 of my 4 sons were playing triple-A hockey, all different age groups and teams… I actually saved the calendars of those years, knowing that I would look back and wonder how in the world I got everyone where they needed to go… busy, busy, busy..
    Great post! 😀


  2. Great post! I remember in the 90s, being “too busy” was a badge of honor. Now thanks to the poor economy and the general competitiveness of society, it’s hard for anyone to slow down. We’re so used to multi-tasking that we feel guilty if we aren’t doing two or three things at once.


  3. We don’t even realize how busy our lives our sometimes, or how we are constantly rushing. I love to just slow down and take a stroll, really see God’s beauty around me. My favorite place to go to feel that peace and just relax is the ocean. Something about it is just hypnotizing and relaxing.


    1. Hey there findingmyworth: I am drawn to the ocean too and happen to be lucky enough to live a one hour drive away from one. I read somewhere that the ocean colors: blue, white and tan etc. are the perfect colors for relaxing home decor. Thanks for the commments.


  4. Perfectly said. Your writing is wonderful. I have had the guilties too.
    Children need to be nurtured and given time by their parents. Their parents are their FIRST teachers.
    If it’s an option, we need to learn to say one of the hardest words: “No.” We don’t need to be involved in everything.
    I often wish I was born at the turn of the century, when life was at a slower pace.
    (although I would like some of today’s amenities!) I love your blog! Thanks for coming to mine!


    1. Hi Jennifer: It was for people like us I wrote it for. I have to constantly remind myself to try to slow down but circumstances prevent me as it sounds like they do to you too. I hope you can get some sleep. My best wishes to you.


      1. Thanks for putting things in perspective. I thought about it today and slowed down—on purpose. I have to agree with Cathy. If I’m not busy, I feel guilty. I heard once the Italians have a saying about the “art of doing nothing.” (That they do it best.) I need to go to Italy! LOL!


  5. I don’t understand this rush to get everything done either. There is no real reason to always be in such a hurry. For instance something I don’t understand is the need to get the chores of the day as quick as possible.

    Sundays are something I honestly don’t understand. They’re meant to be a restful day of the week, and my mother’s continuously hurrying me along to do the next job. It isn’t as if it matters whether it is done morning of in the night.


  6. You are so right, we all need to slow down, enjoy each moment and savour time with our families and friends. I have heard it said that BUSY = Being Under Satans Yoke. Satan is stealing our time and making us use it unwisely.



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