Waiting for The Sun

Here in rainy Oregon The Sun has become a reclusive and exclusive celebrity showing its dazzling brilliance only in limited amounts.

Phone calls have not been returned and it’s agent could not be reached for comment. Sources close to the star are suggesting a contract dispute might be behind this unusual behavior.  It is widely known in certain spheres that The Sun has been dissatisfied with working conditions lately: low, really no pay, overworking in one area but underworking in another, no vacation time or health benefits.  The sun has had it some say. But these are just rumors. What we need are cold hard facts.

Experts have been called in and a good number of them blame the clouds, saying it is they who block out the sun.  Many agree and this seems to be the general consensus. But there are some who disagree; a few have blamed the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Some have mentioned it could be the work of terrorists and one obvious lunatic has cited something called “Global Warming” as the cause.

All agree the situation has become dire and the mayor has put together a commission to study this phenomena.

Meanwhile the soggy citizens in the city of Portland are indoors; pressed up against the windows wishing and yearning and Waiting for the Sun.  Moss covered and sullen, NW gardeners are is in dismay; creeping around from bush to bush with a frown–in the city of roses the roses are down battered by pelting rain and blowing wind….have I mentioned that this is early July?

The local meteorologists seem worried and look as guilty as can be, it is as if they are responsible.  They keep telling us that summer is just around the corner, they mention forecasts for sunny days–always five days away.

My son is as pale as a ghost and my daughter is too, they seem to like it that way but they don’t know any better. I suppose I should be grateful, many places in the world would love all this rain and the lush green growth that results from it. (think moss) I am grateful really but I can’t help but think we are getting more than our fair share of moisture and our elusive sun problem is someone else’s elusive rain problem.  Too bad we cannot share the wealth a little…

And so while My fellow Portlanders and I pull out our summer sweaters, put another log on the fire and gaze out the window expectantly for you know who, we will be grateful for what we have–every drop of it.

Happy Summer!!!



Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

36 thoughts on “Waiting for The Sun”

    1. Hi Niaaeryn: Thanks….and the sun did return and now…it’s gone again. I feel thankful we here are not in a drought like much of the rest of the U.S. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  1. Those are lovely images and your post made me smile. I miss the oranges and pinks of the evening sky, all we seem to have at the moment is grey. But grey can also be very lovely; especially when I’m inside, and warm… and with plenty of chocolate 🙂


  2. Great shot of all those storm clouds! Sure wish they would float east and cover Ohio! We are on our 10th day of Blazing sun and heat……….will be 104 or more tomorrow. No rain in sight. Everything is brown………….even my flowers.


  3. Your sun has gone AWOL and is hanging out in North Carolina, cigarette dripping out of his lips, sullen expression on his face, lock of hair falling into his eyes. COME GET HIM! PLEASE!!!! We had five days of 105 degree temps, and the highs are not below 95 yet. You can have him. Really!


    1. Hey Janet…..You poor thing…getting picked on by that mean and nasty sun. I have heard some horror stories….and some strange ones: A few readers informed me that upon reading this post it made their hot weather change to rain and since I did publish we have had a hot spell here ourselves.. It’s supposed to be 90 today…OH my poor roses are baking…I bet 90 sounds pretty good to you.
      Come and visit moderate Oregon..I have a lumpy couch you can stay on… 😉


      1. You’re most welcome Nancy 🙂
        I love your blog, I can never forget ow it was my first blog site to visit when I entered WORD-PRESS. You are a gem for me.


  4. At about the same time that I noticed the pingback to this post under my own post on the drought here, it began to rain. In fact it has been pouring. It was so magical that it was almost eerie.


    1. Hi Stephen: I’m glad about the rain, I hope it helps. It was nice and sunny here today…thanks for the trade…maybe we can meet like this again during the next drought. My best wishes to you. 🙂


  5. I’m loving this cooler weather for the most part. Every time I see the reports of the heat to the East of us, I thank my lucky stars. Remember the really mild winter we had last year? What could be more perfect? As for your pale kids…. remember we don’t tan, we rust here in Oregon! 😉


    1. Hey Gunta: You fellow Oregonian, you know all about rain and about appreciating it. It’s great on the skin, besides the rust. You know you can always tell an Oegonian by the webbed feet. 😉


  6. The weather is so mixed up this year. I just read the monsoons in India are late this year, and in the UK there has hardly been a dry day since Easter! I think your last photo shows the monster up there – is it looking for revenge…? I hope you get some beautiful blue skies and glorious sunshine very soon! Wish I could send you some of ours… it’s too hot here! LOL! 😀


  7. Your post was hilarious — loved it!

    I would gladly send you some of our northern AZ sun and heat (and humidity now that we’re in our monsoon season), but I don’t know how? Today, however, it is overcast and drizzly at times, something we Southwesterners long for at times, believe it or not.

    Happy 4th to you!



    1. Hi Anna: Sorry but you can keep your monsoon season 😉 …I am glad that it is overcast and drizzly there…funny thing: ITS SUNNY HERE NOW! A very nice day and I am on my way outside! Thanks for the kind words.
      Happy 4th to you too!



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