Occupy The Hilton

I must confess that I have a strong streak of justice running through me coupled with some liberal leanings and a twist of rebellion. I guess I’m just wired that way and at times I am strangely compelled to engage in highly compassionate acts. I am also compelled to “give it to the man” from time to time, so when these pastimes collide,  I reach a sort of nirvana that can stay with me for weeks.

Keeping this in mind, I know it will be of no surprise to you that I have recently joined the occupy movement. Well not actually the occupy movement per se… frankly all those occupyists scare me a bit but they do inspire me. I have taken it upon myself to engage in my own impromptu occupation.

Remember those 1% people, those horrible rich people; the ones who are responsible for all the evil in the world?  Those nameless, faceless masses of corporate conglomeration…

I think they need to be sent a lesson that we the 99% are not taking it anymore and that we are fighting back until the playing field is more level.  And we, well, I will be occupying a symbol of their opulence and greed… and what better place to occupy that than the penthouse suite of the Hilton?

I know you are thinking this plan may be a wee bit on the radical side. I agree but I cannot see any other way to bring attention to my, our cause.  I feel that I could become an inspiration to all the overworked and overlooked huddled masses yearning to breathe free. (Isn’t America great!)

I will have to make the sacrifice and live among those nasty one percenters and I will do so until all my comrades on the street, all the neglected, the poor, the tired and rejected and the rest of humanity (plus some select cats) get to live in the same luxury as we Hilton dwellers.

I will point out at this point that I am willing to make further sacrifices and I am an easy sell-out and not above blatant bribery. Any nicer hotel in the Portland area will do. (imagine the great publicity this hotel would get…hint, hint)

I’m planning on staging a sort of John Lennonish bed-in with signs and reporters minus the Ono (sorry Yoko)  and Amsterdam (sorry me) to protest all the unfairness in the world. I will sing songs of love and peace and do it all in my P.J’s and take naps on the side. (I hear the beds are super comfy)

Of course it won’t be easy. I will have to live off room service and will have to find somewhere to go each day while my suite is being cleaned.  I suppose I will have to use the spa and the pool and watch some pay per view movies…I am prepared for these eventual sacrifices..very prepared.

My list of demands are as follows:

  • 24 hour room service
  • Maid service with nightly tuck down and Andes mints on my pillow.
  • A nice white terry plush robe.
  • Ritzy rich people stuff from the gift shop
  • Giant fruit baskets and exotic root beers from all over he world
  • A wireless connection
  • A superb view of the city
  • Jacuzzi
  • Free coffee and baby soaps
  • Decedent chocolate desserts
  • Complementary newspapers
  • Free domestic calls
  • Laundry service
  • And most importantly; a breakfast buffet with a yummy omelet station……No I mean equality for all and omelets too!

Unlike other protests and protestors, there will be no drum circle, or mobs of angry people blocking the street. There will be a minimum of noise, perhaps some light jazz or classical music playing in the background. There will be no damage inflicted anywhere or mess to clean up; just a few damp towels, empty bottles of bubble bath and the traces of many chocloate desserts left behind.

I do not think I am being unreasonable here. It will be a win-win situation for us all.

Frankly and honestly…At this point I don’t care if it’s a Motel 6 with a private bath and a vending machine outside the door.  What really matters is the principle of the thing.

I need a vacation..I mean, we the people need a vaction and equality too and all that good stuff.

And so this very weekend I will showing up at the Hilton, bags in hand, ready for my protest.  You may join my protest..just show up at the nicest hotel in town with your demands..tell them Strawberryindigo sent you and have your visa card ready…



Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

27 thoughts on “Occupy The Hilton”

  1. I’ve been reading this book “Rebuild the Dream” by Van Jones. (I would send it to you, but it’s a library book!) Haven’t finished it yet, but I’ve been thinking about one of your posts on Occupy (maybe not this particular one, but…) as I’ve been reading and I thought you might like some of the insights if you can get your hands on the book.
    I’d also like to mention that I’m confused. It seems to me that you have more than one blog and it also seems that I don’t get emails for every time you post. I need to find some time to come back and read through some of the ones I’ve missed here. But then I find myself spending more and more time with these blogs. My housekeeping has definitely gone downhill or hit the skids altogether. 😦


    1. Hey Gunta: I have ordered the book from the library…I’ll check it out and we’ll chat. I live across the street from the library makes it very easy for me…I am lucky since I love to read… 🙂

      I’m sorry you are confused. I’m kind of confusing… I do have two blogs: this main one and the photo one .

      I have noticed in the past that I stopped getting some blog on my reader and I went to the site and unfollowed then re-followed…that did the trick.

      It’s funny you mention blogging and housework…haha…the two do NOT mesh well…You should see my refrigerator…Yikes! on second thought…don’t. 😉


  2. Where was I when all these were happening? I am part of the 99% too. And those demands are just about right. When is the next gathering? I agree, the greedy 1% should pay for pain and suffering of the 99% , although, that may pose as a challenge considering some of our politicians are part of the 1%.


    1. Hi Island traveler: This has proven to be a very popular movement. It is people like you that we need, dedicated people, not afraid of sacrifice…of spending time on the cause. I will appoint you a captain….you shall lead the chapter in your town! March straight to luxury! We shall overcome, We shall overcome someday! 😉


  3. Sign me up to join you in this new movement… I am more than ready to sacrifice for a cause that involves suffering through room service and evening chocolate delivery. Power, and chocolate, to the people!!!!


  4. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!! The world needs your type of leadership! Might I suggest that you run for the presidency as well! I think they have room service! 😀


    1. Hello Linda: I can tell that you are a very wise woman. If I were crazy enough to run for President and if the country was crazy enough to vote for me, (they would have to be really insane) I would make you Treasury Secretary of the world. 🙂


      1. WOW really? I’ve always wanted to be Treasury Secretary of the world!! (I hope I don’t have to take any shorthand though!) LOL! And the fact that you are not crazy enough to run for president is what makes you eminently qualified! 😀


        1. Hi Linda: No shorthand. You will have a secretary of your own to do that. (think really hot guy with steno pad) 😉 Seriously, if we only elected people who didn’t want the office, we might get a good one…especially someone who didn’t pander to special interests and poll numbers….hmmmmm sounds like a future post idea.


  5. Please let me know if you decide the entire hotel (or, at least, a second room) would be beneficial in your quest for equalization. I would be happy to mimic you are the creator of this fine new way to occupy.


  6. bwahahahahahahaha. aloha Strawberryindigo – finally. a movement i can get into with full inspirational enthusiasm. just the door i needed. …wait. it’s not a revolving door is it? that could be a deal buster you know. we need a one way door. onward and upward with the masses. wait. these walls dont have transparency options do they? aloha on!


  7. I laughed all the way through this piece! Enjoy your “occupy” stay at the Hilton. Please be sure to order room service and go to the spa. Enjoy the day! 🙂


  8. You are so very clever….chocolate…room service…..let’s show them!!!! I actually got upgraded to the penthouse suite in Maui for one night…..($750 a night room) because a dear friend worked there. 2000 square feet….so there would be plenty of room for us to have a sitin. When you occupy, please include me.



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