Amuse me

I am big on childish fun. I live for it, so when I got the chance to visit the local amusement park recently, I jumped on it.  Who doesn’t need a little fun and amusement every once in a while?

My daughter still allows me to accompany her to places such as this and amazingly at 14, she doesn’t seem as embarrassed by my presence as she should be.  Maybe this is because I am a totally hip and happening middle-aged woman who is a laugh a minute and loads of fun to hang out with?  Could it be that she is a kind soul who takes pity on her poor fun-starved mother…maybe it’s because I’m springing for junky carnival food and deluxe ride braclets?

Oaks Amusement Park is a quaint old-fashioned little park nestled among the trees in Sellwood, minutes from downtown Portland Oregon.  Built in 1905 its sign proudly proclaims: “This is the place where the fun never ends…..”

This is the place for me!

Our fun started with greasy super bad for you corn dogs, loaded with fat and cholesterol and smothered with happy yellow mustard, accompanied by a nice tall cola, bubbling over with corn syrupy goodness.  We sat in the sun and slurped up our unhealthy booty in silence.   Aspie style, enjoying each others presence but not needing a lot of words.

After having our fill we did a short walkabout around the park. Mentally mapping out our itinerary.


We decided since we had just eaten all that junky food we should immediately go on The Spider; a ride that takes you way up in the air and spins you around.

This perhaps may not have been the smartest move…I realised this when we were dangling on top of the ride suspended in mid-air and all I could hear was blood curdling screaming:  My daughter kept repeating over and over “It’s okay Mother, (she calls me Mother to annoy me)  stop screaming. You are making my brain hurt.”  And her brain did hurt and so did mine for the entire ride…

And then we were off to something a bit more my speed so I could relax and get my bearings before the next round.

AHHHHH!!! Not this ride!!!
No Way!! I am a chicken, not THIS one either!
AHHHH…This one is better. 🙂
A very relaxing train ride.
miniature golf waterfall
Little kids roller coaster we were too tall to ride.
Americana at it’s best.
This happy girl makes it all worthwhile.

Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

23 thoughts on “Amuse me”

  1. Awesome! I miss amusement parks, and well written. Your description of the spider was fun. This was just a whirlwind of memory and fun. 🙂


  2. You are blessed to have a daughter who shares her dreams and fun times with you. I love amusement park too. Through my son’s world, I get to be a kid all over again. And yes, I’m not also into the scary roller coaster rides. The last time I rode one at Universal Studious, I thought my heart dropped as the coaster zoomed down 90 degrees. Great post!


    1. Hey Island Traveler: I agree with you about being able to be a kid all over again. Sometimes we are so busy being the responsible adults that we must and should be that we forget how to have fun and just be a kid. Thanks for your comments…very much appreciated. 🙂


  3. You brought back many happy memories, and a few nauseated ones as well, of oceanside amusement parks. I cannot do those rides that spin you in circles. Even as a kid, twirling equaled barfing. But give me a roller coaster….no matter how much cotton candy or foot-long hotdogs I ate, my stomach was happy when in free fall on that first big drop. These days I don’t have enough insurance coverage for chiropractor visits so roller coasters are out. Still love the carousel, though. I think iris wonderful that you and your daughter can have such a fun day out together. Thanks for taking me along.


    1. Hi Janet: I don’t know how you could brave the roller coaster….you are something. That spinning was not my idea but I enjoyed the carousel a lot. I needed a nap when I got home and that is just what I did. Thanks for thanking me and I’d take you along anytime….only NO roller coaster for me. 😉


  4. We have an amusement park of about the same era near our town. We learned that it was built by the streetcar company to encourage ridership on the weekend when no one was needing to ride to go to work. Wonder if this park had a similar start.


    1. Hi wildramp: I don’t know. I went to the park’s website for some history and found it sorely lacking….maybe they need a writer for their site…but come to think of it…this place is right by the railroad tracks…so maybe.


  5. I remember my first encounter with the age where the spinning and twirling don’t feel quite as good anymore. You’re a brave girl to tackle it with as much grace as your did!


    1. Hi Gunta: It was a surprise, I thought I just had to worry about my mental state which I can control but my head and stomach…no way. Thanks for saying I’m brave because I really am a big chicken. 🙂


  6. A great, fun girls’ day out! Those rides all look great, but I’d just settle for the train ride! (And the cotton candy of course…) Thanks for such a lovely happy post Strawberryindigo! Your colours really shone through this one. 😀


    1. Hey Cathy! I liked the train ride too..nice and calm. After I got home I took a nap…really. Thanks for thanking me. You are the nicest person and I’m so glad that we are blogging buddies! 🙂


  7. I used to have nightmares about that Spider ride! Lmao I can’t even handle driving fast in a car anymore.. To hell with old age and its motion sickness lol


    1. Hey Sparky: I am glad that I’m not the only one. There were little kids on there that took it better than me. YIKES! I too get nervous in fast cars…I’m a big chicken allright. 😉



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