I have countless notebooks jam-packed full of ideas and subjects to write about. I have  been blessed/cursed with an active imagination. So I’m sitting here thinking about what’s next, I must feel passionately about the subject at hand or the words don’t flow, it becomes strained and forced and there is no point to writing anything at all. Fortunately this rarely happens and when it does I just walk away and do something else. The time has to be right….

…and so this very afternoon I lament this to MM;  He has a gift for making my complicated little life dilemmas into simple bite-sized pieces that can be easier to chew but sometimes not so easy to digest..

I remarked in passing how I felt like writing (Ha, big surprise) but that I didn’t know what about. Currently I’m in a layed-back Sunday mood although it is a Tuesday, it feels like it anyway. It is cloudy and cool and I am listening to some soft melodic guitar music. The coffee is hot and it’s black and I shouldn’t be drinking it but what the hell it’s Sunday…I mean Tuesday and life is too short…

…and so I am sitting here and I lament all this to MM.

Have I mentioned what a wise person he is? Well this wise person suggests that I should write about nothing….  At times I  have foolishly resisted his advice but today I’m taking it.

This may sound a bit difficult to write about nothing but I am always up to a challenge like that. So as MM carefully crept out the door and down the hallway and I, like a dog with a bone, set out to write about my just found obsession: Nothing.

I know that MM knows I will be tapping along for a while; at least 400 or so words at a stretch. He knows I can’t help myself and that I will be distracted with this very thing: Nothing.

And as I’m tapping along MM goes and does the dishes…without my knowledge, under my very nose…he’s like that you know. (sorry ladies, he’s taken)

And so, as this wonderfully lazy day goes on with me writing and pondering the deepest philosophical mysteries about nothing. MM has the satisfaction of knowing he’s doing a good deed all the while pulling one over on me in the process…

..and me? I’m going for my second cup of coffee….



Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

28 thoughts on “Nothing”

  1. You know, lazy days like that can often be the most productive ones… (seriously!). You should do it more often and just go with the flow. But take it easy on the coffee! 😀 Now you’ve got me thinking about coffee too – I had four cups today! LOL!


    1. Hey Cathy: 4 cups huh? That is something to aspire to. I normally am a tea drinker but sometimes nothing is better than a nice cup of coffee! I wish I could have more lazy days…

      I wish there was a camp for adults in the woods with peaceful surroundings and gardens and there would be arts and crafts and sing-a-longs by the fire. I would nap in a hammock all morning then have someone who is not me cook a wonderful lunch then I would do some reading and painting then off to nap again… 😉 haha, ya right, in my dreams…


      1. Funny… it’s pretty much the same here. You stirred a craving for coffee, but I get way too jittery…. I’ll see if some tea can settle that itch. 😉


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