In Search of Good News

I have been finding myself in deep thought as of late. Time has slowed down for me and that has given ample time for refection. At first this made me depressed, as life has been throwing some major curveballs that have been hitting me right in the face. As I looked around I found more and more depressed people…angry people, the worn out and the frightened. This only confirmed my suspicions that the world is going to hell and really anyone can see that. Some even think the end is coming. It certainly does appear that way…while I don’t think the end is near, I do think it is changing…and fast.

I think it can be unsettling to people…the conditions of the world today; the world at large and the world right down the street. It is overwhelming and it overwhelms. I don’t need to list it all here, besides being a significant undertaking it just spreads the contagion.


Yes, I do think it’s a contagion, this crazy despair. The media feeds it with sensationalism. I can’t blame them, that is what they do and I suppose they are doing a fair job of distracting us from what’s really important…and there is much to be distracted by.

I feel a prevading sense of desperation…and fear in the air. It seems people on the whole are less hopeful for the future. It takes effort not to get caught up in it.  Is this how it feels to live in a civilization that’s in decline?

This I cannot accept….I feel the helplessness, the creeping unease, the feeling that you are in a boat with a hole in it and you better start bailing before the water gets any higher.  There are a good many souls on this boat, this “ship of fools”. And while we point the finger at each other and squabble over nonsense, the ship is going down. We know it….we can feel it sinking…we can see the now blatant obvious signs.

I want to hide in my garden, among the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and think lovely thoughts…I want to write beautiful words and pour my soul out on paper but the unease grows.

I pace and look out the window and a million ideas run through my mind; the good….the bad …and everything in between …. I try to record them all but they spill out into a pile on the floor and it becomes hard to focus.

Until I write and write and write. This unease disappears and I feel that in my own miniscule little way I am doing something.

I have been talking to people, some very smart people and I have been given all sorts of advice but one piece has struck a chord in me. At first it seemed so simple but as my mind ruminated on it the more I came to understand the deeper aspects.

I complain about the media and spreading the contagion of negativity and sensationalism.  I lament: “Where is all the good news?” Surely there are people out there doing good things…somewhere.   I ask, and rather loudly: “Why aren’t we hearing about good news?”  It can get depressing to hear all this doom and gloom…

And as I lament, a wise person mentions that in some small (very small) way that I, strawberryindigo, the blogger, am a part of this same media that I, Nancy, the person complains about and then she asks me:

 “Where is your good news?”

This has permeated me ever since…

…And it was there  that I stopped. That was about 3 months ago. I stopped because I was literally stopped in my tracks. This revelation set me back and it was this that told me to abandon everything I had written and focus on some happiness instead. It is easy to share one’s despair but it takes work to share happiness especially when you are not happy yourself. The world is unhappy enough for me to add my misery so, I chose not to finish or publish the above words at that time.

…and really, I didn’t have an answer…I still don’t in all honesty…but I’m looking all the time and I’m finding that sometimes it’s not the world that’s the trouble, it’s the way I’m looking at it.  I lament: where is the good news? where can I find this mythical land of good news.. and then like a flash of lighting it hits me.

It’s been here all along.  The good news is everywhere. It is all around.  I just needed to open my eyes…

 I found the following quote:

“Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
Desmond Tutu

Inspiring words to be sure. Simple and true and sometimes forgotten. I guess I needed reminding…

Goodness can come in many shapes and sizes and good can come from the oddest of places. I am finding the more I look for it,  the more I see. 

What I am finding so amazing is that this goodness typically starts out small, so small and slight that most of the time it goes unnoticed. These seemingly small gestures we do for each other from time to time, tiny interactions between strangers… there’s magic in these tiny incidents. This grows and spreads like a contagion.  We hardly ever hear of these small incidents of good, they are not sensational or exciting. Mostly they are mundane and seemingly unimportant but they can be quite beautiful.

All are important and important enough, in my opinion to acknowledge and tell others about it. This is the stuff of inspiration, this is the good news that I seek.

From time to time I will be sharing pieces of good news; real life stories from inspirational people I meet or hear about. I will be sharing with you happenings and events, tiny miracles and good things as I try to do a little spreading of my own.


 I have come to appreciate simple acts of kindness more and more.  I have found that we all need some kindness now and then, and in places we’d never expect we’d be. I am impressed by this sort of thing and I believe it is good news that needs to be shared.

♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥

Have any good news to share? Please let me know, better yet write a post about it and let others know too. Let’s spread some good news!

Peace and Happiness to YOU


Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

15 thoughts on “In Search of Good News”

  1. Oh how I love this post! You are going to find so much go out there! I love how you are taking responsibility for your own happiness. That’s wherein lies the Kingdom of God! I look forward to hearing more. My latest blog posts have been about my personal journey within, if you’re interested! xoxoxo Much love to you!


  2. Way to go Nancy! I love the Desmond Tutu quote and do my utmost to live by it, or the bumper sticker about doing “random acts of kindness”! There is something about simply offering someone a smile that lifts my spirit and hopefully for the recipient, too. We can’t always control everything that goes on around us, of happens to us, but we can sure control our reaction. My husband taught me that lesson after his spinal injury. He could have sat around moping, making everyone miserable around him, but he was pretty upbeat- all things considered. I believe it improved his quality of life very much, too.


    1. Hey Gunta: Sometimes we are able to learn important lessons through the experiences of others and how they deal with adversity like your husband, he sounds like a very strong person.
      I have been finding especially lately how good it feels to spread goodness. I am growing more compassionate with time, there is a certain kind of satisfaction attached.
      I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Thanks for being there.


  3. When it comes right down to the core of it, we make our own happiness and our own sorrow and a lot of times it is hard to be happy, to find happy. At least for me, I can easily get caught up in the pain that seems to be overflowing from the very ground we walk on, and it seems so wrong to ignore it to not dwell on it but no good can come from dwelling. Take action with causes that inspire you but don’t let them consume you.

    I like the idea of those little acts of good coming together to overwhelm. I like that a lot. Hugs and happiness to you, my friend.


    1. Hey Shoes: I could not agree more with what you say; we make our own happiness. A significant part of my happiness lies with sharing thoughts and ideas with thoughtful and caring people like you.

      Thanks for the comments and the happiness. Hugs to you too! 🙂


  4. It’s a difficult balance. Sure, good news helps, but one also needs to be aware of the bad stuff. You can’t act to fix problems you don’t know about. We can’t use good news as a panacea to shield us from all the problems.

    It’s a bit complicated, but we need to spread the good news not to cover the bad news, but to balance it, all the while we still work on solving problems that face us. And that bad news? You have to work hard at being aware of it, but not letting it fester in you.

    Get angry, but do something. Doing something will not take up as much room as being angry, and will let enough room for good stuff to find purchase. This post is a good example.



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