Fresh Quotes: November UNITY

It seems our world is more divided than ever. Is it that our basic human instinct is to exclude rather than include? Are we condemned to repeat mistakes of the past because we have this innate tribal mentality? This Us against Them streak  dominates our thinking.

Are we destined to only see the world in black or white?…blue or red?…this or that? left or right? Yes or no?

Or will we acknowledge the need to open our eyes to the whole spectrum of reality to all the colors?…not just the ones we can appreciate and see, but the one’s we do not see and especially the one’s we do not understand.

There are seven billion people on this planet: seven billion hearts and minds…and souls. And seven billion sides to a story, and in essence seven billion realities.

We are all unique individuals–each and every one of us, but we share a common thread that runs through us. We are all connected. I feel it. You probably feel it too.

We share this amazing fantastically beautiful life-giving planet with our fellow humans and all the lifeforms on Earth. This is our common cause.

We share so much and much of what we share is this need for unity.  Now more than ever…


I believe in the essential unity of man and, for that matter, in all that lives.”

Mohandas K. Gandhi

“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.”

W.  Somerset Maugham

“Unity  is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be  achieved.”
Mattie  Stepanek

“The whole ocean is made of single drops.”

*Thomas Fuller*

“Every kingdom divided against itself is heading for ruin; and no town, no household divided against itself can stand.”



Jim Wallis

“A choir is made up of many voices, including yours and mine. If one by one all go silent then all that will be left are the soloists.

Don’t let a loud few determine the nature of the sound. It makes for poor harmony and diminishes the song.” 
Vera Nazarian

It is not in our numbers but in unity that our great strength lies.”

Thomas Paine



Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

22 thoughts on “Fresh Quotes: November UNITY”

  1. Sentiments echoed long before some of the quotes above were uttered . . .

    . . . for them to take hold, one does indeed need an open mind. But that’s not how most of the world’s people are being raised or educated.

    Paint me cynical, but I hold very little hope. History has taught us the only sure thing to unite people is great tragedies, cataclysmic events, and more rarely, a common goal/purpose. Along with any of those, many, many people suffer. Many cease to be.

    It is sad people need tragedies to remind them of the above sentiments . . . but it’s been that way in all of recorded history. I don’t see anything poised to change it.

    I hope I am wrong . . .


    1. Hey Disperser. I agree with you. It is sad people need tragedies to unite them and it is sadder still that the odds are we will have a boatload full of tragedies coming in the future to bring us together.

      It is easy to be cynical–I’ve spent most of my life being cynical but I find my newish polly-annish outlook, as far-fetched and unrealistic as it may be is better for me. I have hope, I have to. Without hope there is nothing. I’ve always had a soft spot for the underdog anyway.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I truly appreciate intelligent comments such as yours.


  2. Amen to that and we need each other to survive… Love the photos and wisdom. 😉
    Thank you for checking in during the Hurricane… your kind wishes were appreciated!


  3. Quotes are timely especially now that there are lots of things happening around the words from politics upto every peoples life, principles and beliefs… After reading it all it reminds me of Warrior Poet poem titled Different… Even if we are divided in diff. beliefs and principles we should stand and united as one …. Great Post my friend…


    1. Hi Willofheart: Thank you. I will have to look up that poem. I’ve been learning much from poems and quotes….it is amazing. I have found a good quote connects people to ideas and each other in a unique and instant kind of way that is emotional and honest.


  4. Too many times speaking up against a commonly held concept takes tremendous courage even when the freedoms to do so is supposedly espoused. I have learned that if people climbing on a bandwagon are responding to something that appeals to a sense of greed or outrage, they are probably not using their brains to analyze the situation independently…and when someone points an obvious truth out to them, that person is challenged. It is THAT person who keeps us grounded and we must become more like her.


    1. Hi Wildtramp: I agree. We need those leaders and iconoclasts. The one’s that shake things up. The ones who speak the truth regardless of the outcome. This world needs all fresh ideas it can get. It seems we are spoon fed the same BS over and over, repackaged in a different wrap, but the same nonetheless.
      We as a society need to value diversity more…and take that which is good and work together–all of us in our own indivdual and beautiful way.
      Thank you for the thoughtful comment.


  5. Hi there – love the quote about the voices in the choir… I’m a firm believer in “united we stand”! And there definitely is a connection between us all, but I think a lot of people don’t want to feel it. Why, I don’t know! A good message, Strawberryindigo!



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