Never Underestimate the Value of Cash–Election 2012

But, shucks, we got the best politicians in this country that money can buy.”

Will Rogers

It is election day and after a long fight both sides should be exhausted after working feverishly around the clock, mostly in swing states, trying to reach those undecided voters. Meanwhile, the same politicos with the toothy white grins and the perfect spins are haunting the TV and Internets with images of big glossy maps of the United States decked out in blue and red with a touch of gray.  Always coming to the same conclusion, we are a nation divided. This is of no surprise and how this can be news is beyond me.

We in Oregon are often overlooked. We are quiet and quaint. Most people are distracted by the bright lights of California or Seattle. Politicians usually ignore us. At most we are a photo-op stop as Obama showed in 2008, we are a blue state and I live in a very blue county inside this blue state.

Romney hasn’t a chance here and he should know it but his constant barrage of commercials suggest otherwise. I’m relived that this whole mess is finally almost over.

(See the opinion of a future voter in the following You Tube video that’s making the rounds.)

Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

I think I may speak for all Americans when I say that I am sick to death of all these commercials and ads from both sides. To me it’s a waste. It shows how absolutely money crazy we are. If we have any national religion it is the worship of that–Money.  It’s holier than thou and it’s burning a hole in your pocket right now…

In our mixed up national psyche we are convinced that the candidate who raises the most money is the automatic winner.  Nothing else matters and it’s not as if anyone is holding bake sales to raise this money–they are getting it from the rich who have their own agenda and ideas which may not jive with most of us.

And why do they need the money…what do they spend it on? A great deal on those damn ads and flyers…

My mail has been inundated for weeks with thick glossy and expensive flyers proclaiming this and that. I have been bombarded with countess TV commercials–all with smiling politicians proclaiming this and that–supporting this message and that message.  Each proclaiming the other guy is wrong, very wrong even scary wrong.

Since my city of Portland is right on the border with Washington State we get their commercials too–this can get confusing and annoying.


The whole system is like that. It’s not just the presidential candidates or the Democrats or Republicans, it’s all of them.  Honestly, I am happy the people in the flyer factory have jobs and the media people do too and really kudos to the postal service.  I know all this money must be stimulating someone somewhere….Right?

I can’t help but wonder in my simplistic way that perhaps all this money spent on this mania could be spent on something more worthy… 

For instance: feeding hungry children or repairing crumbling bridges. How about training programs for the unemployed? How about jobs…not just lip-service trickle down jobs that live solely in campaign speeches but real jobs…perhaps via public works programs? How about it?

How about money for schools? or for disaster relief? I can think of a million worthy causes…

If I saw a politician spending “hard-earned” PAC money to feed the hungry and damn the consequences, I would have respect for that person–I’d be downright impressed and I’d listen to what that person had to say–regardless of party. I think a lot of people would as well. I also think that people are more independently minded than others may give them credit for.

This kind of do-gooding could create a buzz that would bring in the media with free advertising; a win-win situation for almost everyone…except for the ones with the deep pockets…the donors..the movers and the shakers…the ones attached to all that cold hard cash.  I ran across a list of them, it is HERE

I’ve read that between the two major candidates six billion dollars will be spent on this election, a new record. I can’t help but wonder what good that kind of money could do.

I did a little research…and six billion dollars goes a long way…

In The United States:  All that money could buy 200,000 average-priced cars…22,059 average-priced houses or…with six billion dollars 69,940 students could attend college for four years.

6 billion could buy one month’s worth of food for over 9 million families of four.

2 billion children could buy a warm coat with that amount of money and 6 billion dollars could definitely buy the world a coke…I could go on and on but you get the picture.




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Author: Strawberryindigo

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23 thoughts on “Never Underestimate the Value of Cash–Election 2012”

  1. Now that election is over, it’s time to see whether those promises were made with sincere intentions or another strategy to get the votes. And yes, those tons of money on campain could have gone to ” real” good use that ordinary Americans could enjoy and not the preferred few. My son told me during the election, ” May be we’ll get our school funding this time.” I replied trying to be optimistic, ” I hope it does.” Thanks for a timely, honest post. Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Hi Island Traveler: Thank you for your kind words.

      I hope your son’s school gets more funding. I don’t think some value education as much as they should. Even if one doesn’t have children, a quality educational system benefits the entire community.


    1. I agree with you Peter. Negative ads are effective, and not just with the stupid…which makes them deceptive and dangerous….I also agree that stupid people should reap the rewards of their stupidity…natural selection and all that, but I happen to live in a country with quite a few of them…what should I do? 😉


  2. Why is it that only WA and OR are smart enough to vote entirely by mail? Three days after we still don’t know many of the final vote totals on in-state contests and laws because they must be certified by hand, but it prevents corruption of the results. Plus, we get to vote in our pajamas at the kitchen table, with coffee, and decent music playing in the background. Civilized.

    I’m glad to have my TV and mail box back! OK – back to preparing for the zombie apocalypse.


    1. Hey Mikey: I voted in my P.J.’s too and I enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t know why more states don’t vote as we do. I felt sorry for the poor people who had to wait hours and hours to vote…talk about doing your patriotic duty…

      I look forward to the Zombie Apocalypse. I think it will give us all something more real and important to focus on. I’m in training now…


  3. All that money is mind-boggling and it’s tough to think of how it could have been put to better use…. but I think that at the very least, we did let it be known that such obscene amounts of money couldn’t BUY the election. That, if nothing else, is encouraging.


  4. Hi there. Funny, I was thinking along the same lines all day… how much money has been wasted on the campaigns, but then again how many people have had work as a result, in advertising or the venue arenas. Those figures are thought-provoking. As always you have put into words what many are thinking. Hope life gets back to normal for you all soon – it’s bad enough here! 😀 😀


    1. Hi Cathy: I heard or read somewhere that local Tv stations in battleground states are getting lots of the lasted cutting edge updated weather equiptment and super duper new weather teams from ad revenue–I bet they still won’t be able to acurately predict the weather. 😉
      Hopefully we American’s obsession with ourselves will quiet to a dull roar for awhile.



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