Doing the Environmental Drag

I don't want to set the world on fire...I just want to put a flame in your heart...
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Lately I have been doing a fair amount of research for a few articles with environmental themes. And there is something that bothers me about the whole thing. As I was wading through all this technical minutiae, it struck me on how depressing the whole thing is.  There are reams upon reams of information on the environment out there; books, websites and blogs from our fellow bloggers and what has struck me like a wicked slap in the face is all this doom and gloom that permeates it all.

I am someone who cares about our world an awful lot. I know there are many of us who do.  I am quite passionate about the state of our planet and how we treat it.  I seldom can watch the news anymore. It gets me all riled up. I find myself yelling at the screen.  Environmental disasters such as oil spills and the like can set me on high simmer. So probably like many others; I have tuned out, I have admittedly buried my head in the sand. A person can only take so much bad news before they shut down.

I recently did a piece on saving the trees. It was mostly hopeful and upbeat. I included some ways on how we all can help our friends the trees. I did a lot of research on the subject and I must admit; it made me depressed.

black dog howling
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I like to put a hopeful spin on my writing and in my life in general but at times I have to fight bouts of depression. I suppose many of us creative types do. I have borrowed a page from Winston Churchill; calling it the black dog. This dog is never welcome but from time to time it sits on my front porch and howls a bit.  This clouds up my skies with gray and I try to distract myself, writing helps, working in the garden helps…helping others and trying to spread a little cheer around really helps.

Let me tell you, reading through endless reports on the state of our environment does not help. To be fair to my fellow writers out there. I know they work very hard, probably much harder than I. They are learned individuals where I am a self-taught layperson. From what I’ve been reading it is easy to see why your average person who probably cares a lot for the planet is turned off by all this stuff.

I think some writers like to show off their vocabulary and knowledge and perhaps like to play a bit on the sensationalism factor.  It is difficult at times to be a reader soaking this up.  There are gifted writers of non-fiction out there who makes learning a pleasure; conveying information seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly but those writers are not as common as I like them to be.

I find myself wading through this information just to get to the pertinent information. Like a bowl of oatmeal; it is good for me, but it’s bland. It just sits there like a tasteless lump and it difficult to digest.

I guess that is one of the reasons that I try to write like I do. I could use bigger words. I could try to impress you with my 20 plus years of acquired knowledge but how boring is that?   This brings me back to the environmental thing. I was reading some blogs by who I’m sure are very smart well-meaning people but…and I ‘m half joking when I say this….but it made me want to jump off the nearest bridge.

 positive-attitude happy face
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If we are going to save this planet we should know what’s going on. I realize just how important and serious it all is and I am no Pollyanna, although at times I may seem like one. I am a former pessimist turned optimistic realist, emphasis on the optimism.

I talked to MM about my troubles.  He is practical where I am not and he usually gives very sound advice.  He said: “You do it.”  “Do what’? I asked. “You should concentrate your writings on the environment, put a positive spin on it, but be real and get people to listen.” He replied calmly like it was the most simple thing in the world.

Wind turbines
Credit: public domain
Credit: Public Domain

I think what is needed is to face our problems head on and acknowledge them no matter how ugly and then move on to positive ways to deal with them…always looking at the bright side because there is always a bright side. We need to focus on what is good and what others are doing that is making a difference…but the key here is action.

So in the future look for more environmental pieces from me focusing on the bright side and what we as average citizens can do to help.

On the Sunny side of the street but walking with purpose,


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32 thoughts on “Doing the Environmental Drag”

  1. I am touched by what you wrote, both about the deep truth of living with the black dog, and your insightful analysis of what happens to us and our ability to make the changes our planet needs when we are overwhelmed and immobilized with bad news and dire predictions. I think your focus on what average people are doing that is positive, and what we CAN do to address the challenges our earth faces is so needed. And your article about trees proves that you a just the person to write this news from the bright side!


  2. I recently came across a phrase “Place your attention of that which you wish to experience.” How simple, I thought. I think that this is what you are doing: you are placing your focus on the positive aspects of our environment and writing about the vitality, the beauty, the peace and the utility of our natural world. All the scientific studies — the endless reports and academic theories — must objectify Nature to study it or report on it. You are choosing to bring its living essence into our minds and hearts, sharing with us your love and passion for Nature and its love and passion that abounds around us. (At least in the places we haven’t desecrated it yet.) Check out online. They don’t always report on the environment but they always have positive news. Thanks for sharing, Alia


  3. Yes! I think people get overwhelmed with the volume of work to be done to keep our planet safe for all kinds of life. And when something is overwhelming, we tend to step back, cover our heads, and look away. Posting about the things we CAN do, helping us be excited about those things, supporting each other through doing those things – Yes, we need that! Go, Strawberry!


  4. He is right my friend, just do what you wanna do, don’t loss hope, your previous post about trees makes a lot of difference because a single step can bring a great impact, just write and spread awareness and positive ways on how we take good care of our mother earth, world needs writer and environmental friend like you…. more power and God Bless… 🙂


  5. First off bless MM! Your relationship is a gift of good fortune that doesn’t come along often. Next the black dogs. They’ve bayed at me for years, they’ve swamped me in gloom for days..months. Then one day it just hit me, embrace them, let them all the way in. Now these occasional demons of despair are invited to sit by the fire with me, they’ve become friends because they’re some of my best teachers. They force me out of my comfort zone and make me address the hard edge of life, and life will always have a hard edge side. Your writing style: Don’t change one thing, it’s unique, refreshing, entertaining while at the same time astutely gets right to the point. The environment: This wonderful gift of a planet is big, real big, bigger than us. Yes we’re doing it a true injustice and what’s amazing is it’s a threat to our own comfort and survival, industries short sightedness is beyond even understanding. But there’s an ancient Taoist precept: ‘Humanity follows the earth, the earth follows the heavens, the heavens follow the Tao and the Tao makes it’s own way.’ Ultimately the Tao is the guardian of earth and this brings me both joy and comfort knowing that our recklessness will have it’s limits. I look forward to more of your environmental posts, best I’ve ever read, and your message will have an impact.


    1. I’ve been thinking about what you’ve said Caimbeul. You are a blessing too. I’ve been trying to fight off this black dog, which seems to have stayed around longer than ever. I am surprised by this—this is not me…but after mulling over your sage advice…I think perhaps this dog does have something to teach me and I should listen. This is what I did last night and some answers are coming to me. I thought I had to fight this when I think that very act caused much of my pain.
      Whatever is in me comes out in my writing and whomever reads it gets hit by it…I don’t want to bring anyone down. I want to do quite the opposite, I truly beleive in that.
      Thanks so much for being there my new friend. I feel I needed to hear your wise words more than anything. Thanks for reaching out and sharing.


      1. BOOM. you’re on you’re way. And my dear friend, I don’t think it’s even possible for your words to ever ‘bring anyone down’, their sincere clarity makes no room for such.


  6. i’m with you on that.. i believe that each one of us could give our share to take good care of the environment even in our own little ways.. great post 🙂


  7. Great post! Go for it! I love your writing and what better way to address the problem of some non-fiction writers than by writing yourself?
    If we focus on the negative with no positive it makes taking action more tricky, a depressive slump is hard to come out of and positive is what we need. That and I love “always look on the bright side” Thank you for your optimism and look forward to more 🙂


  8. Don’t lose heart. I love the way you write, and that is action in itself. The links you always give to interesting articles are a great way to encourage us all to get informed. You’re right, the key is action… or awareness too. 😀


  9. I’m with you on this. i know the mess is out there but if the message is to get thru for positive change then I believe showing the Beauty of the Earth is a different approach. At least that is what I’ve been doing. There are plenty of folks spreading alarm, which is needed, the situation is dire. We also need to spread Love for the planet. Good luck, Dohn


    1. Hello Dohn: Yes I agree, we need to share what is beautiful with our planet. I stopped by your wonderful blog and I can see you are doing your part to share the lovliness of our world. Thanks for the encouraging words! 🙂


  10. way to go! we can all do something, it is by changing ourselves and our close environment that change will come to the whole … so don’t worry and get depressed, hubby is right, look for the positive and encourage people to join in … we need more writers like you!



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