I Speak for the Cats

Credit: Public Domain

What I am about to say may come as a surprise because it is quite amazing and hard to believe but true, so without much fanfare, I will just come out with it. I have an intense almost supernatural power over cats.  Yes, you heard it correctly; cats.

I know you are thinking; “Why didn’t she tell us before?” I know this is something to brag about but I am not one for self promotion.  I am a shy and reserved person in real life. I prefer to blend into the background but I do have my moments when I become quite feisty, and this is one of those moments.

I was having a deep philosophical discussion with Mario, my famous cat, as is our habit on rare idle afternoons.  He mentioned the bad press that he and his fellow felines have been getting lately; apparently a report has surfaced calling our friends the cats massive serial killers hellbent on killing every bird and mouse in their perspective neighborhoods. Mario was, of course, upset and justifiably so.  He asked me to say a few words on the behalf of the feline-kind due to my amazing ability to understand and speak cat.

I too am outraged. I have a natural affinity for cats and being quite cat-like myself, this is not only an insult on him, my beloved friend and business associate, it is an insult on me and I have taken it upon myself to speak for the cats…

Call me the cat whisperer if you will and I have something to say and this I will not whisper…I will shout it from yards, fence posts and the tops of trees: Cats are not killers!

Credit: Public Domain
Credit: Public Domain

As sophisticated and intelligent as they are, cats are animals with all the instincts for survival. They are carnivores and being as such, they like to chew on a bit of meat once in a while. For the most part our domesticated homebound pet cats are content with the food we humans provide, as you fellow cat owners I’m sure can attest to. My cats are not killers. Mario and Sunny prefer napping to killing. They are really just big babies and I will vouch for them on that…I repeat: they are no killers. Most of the culprits in these awful incidents involving birds and mice are feral cats. The poor homeless variety of cat that live on the margins of our society.  They did not ask to be there and I’m sure they would love to be provided a nice home with food and love, but these poor unfortunates have been dealt a hard hand by fate and humankind.  They have no choice but to hunt for their subsistence.

I don’t know the stats on this and I want to remain blissfully ignorant on the subject but I have to bring up the question: how many innocent animals are killed to provide subsidence to humankind?  I am a meat eater myself and I am not trying to guilt anyone into vegetarianism although I do have a great respect for our noble vegetarian and vegan friends. I am just pointing out a bit of what I think is pertinent here.

I have an intense intolerance for hypocrites. I am a very forgiving and understanding person.  I love sinners and I love reformed sinners even more but judgemental righteousness gets my dander up.

angry cat bigger
Credit: Public Domain

Sorry you had to see this side of me but I need to express my feelings on this. We as the dominant species on this planet have a duty to protect and care for those which cannot care for themselves, our beloved pets among them. So if you are considering getting a pet please do so with all the seriousness it merits. Make sure you have the room, time and resources to devote to a tiny life that will grow to love and depend on you. If you have not already done so, spay or neuter your animal. This is a crucial step in preventing any more unwanted ones, there are already too many. Another way to help is to donate to some fine organizations out there such as The Feral Cat Coalition  that is helping to protect our furry friends. And one more thing; as a favor for me, Mario, and all the other cats out there. If you hear anyone bad mouthing our feline friends; put in a good word…cats are wonderful animals and do not deserve the reputation they have.  I know they’d stick up for you.

Thanks for listening and have a purrfectly wonderful day!




Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

37 thoughts on “I Speak for the Cats”

  1. Oh what a great article! I am a huge cats lover myself and always try to protect my dear totem animals ♥
    Agree with Tomas, beautiful picture of the ‘energy cat’! 🙂


  2. Wonderful post and awesome image (first one!) Our cat Merlina was left abandoned by neighbors who moved (I guess, we don’t know for sure.) She had to hunt to feed herself. We had a backyard full of deer and birds but after she had thoroughly “checked us out” by watching us feed our various animal friends daily, she decided to take another chance on human love and adopt us. We explained to her right off that our backyard was “A Peaceable Kingdom” and that everyone “got along.” She understood that we meant she was not to eat the birds. However, the temptation that the family of wood rats provided was too much. One day we noticed we hadn’t seen any of our rat friends. I looked kitty directly in the eye and asked if she had eaten them. She looked at me as if to say: “Don’t ask me about my food.” An hour or so later I heard her say: “Yes, I ate them.” Mostly, she is content with kibble and some wet canned food. But every so often we see evidence of her hunting on the front porch. She leaves the birds in the back yard alone and was always very leery of the deer. Thank you for speaking for your feline friends, alia


    1. Hello Alia: What a heartwarming tale. Thanks for adopting Merlina and for your understanding of her natural instincts. What a wonderful person you are! I wish the both of you well….and all the others in your peaceable kingdom. 🙂


  3. Great post!!! As a bird lover… AND as a kittie rescuer, kitty lover, and one who has TNR’d and continues to care for those abandoned kitties in our neighborhood…. THANK YOU for speaking up for the felines! 🙂


  4. Willow and Murphy asked me to thank you for your advocacy for all of cat-kind. Having once been homeless herself, Willow particularly appreciates your concern for those who have been betrayed and left with nowhere to go but the back alleys and shadows on the edges of human dwellings. Murphy is the son of an unwed mother who was turned onto the streets when her indiscretion became obvious to her unloving family. If only all human beings would judge the worth of our species by how we treat those who do not have a voice.


    1. I’d like to thank you Janet, on behalf of Willow and Murphy and others like them who have found a human companion with a heart as big as the whole world to care for them.
      You are a fantastic and loving person and I am glad to know you!


  5. Great post! The idea of serial killer kitty needs reassessment. I am sure Mario agrees and thank you for writing this for all cats. Love that you are a cat whisperer as well 🙂


    1. Hey Niaaeryn: It was your post Pussy Power that inspired me to do this post. I should have put in a link to it but I totally spaced out. I have fixed that error and have included a link. Here is it again for anyone who happens to be reading this comment. http://gatewaysandmusings.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/pussy-power/ It was an excellent post that I enjoyed and I’m sure others will too!

      Thanks for stopping by my friend! 🙂 Mario thanks you too and he would say something but he is sleeping right now–big surprise…haha


  6. This is great! I heard tell of this so-called liking spree in either the BBC News or Huff Post and I was upset by the notion that cats are “killers”. You said it right.

    If I may, a request for Mario. I understand that cats were once gods. I would like to get my name in the running early as the chief human should cats ever remember their heritage and opt to reclaim their rightful places. That said, I am willing to betray my species for the cause!

    All jokes aside, awesome article. I just learned of a place from my lady that fines people hundreds for feeding homeless cats. Sad when we displace and destroy these creatures then treat them as if they’re the virus.


    1. Hello Sahm King: I will put in a good word for you with Mario. He is fair and I’m sure he will consider your request. He is wise as he is handsome… 😉

      There is a special place in my heart for all animals, especially cats. It is disturbing to know some gentle and giving person could be punished for showing a great kindness to our feline friends. Thanks for your input. I truly appreciate that and your wry sense of humor…and thanks for the re blog.


    1. Hi Sandra: Yes, I totally know what you mean. That very thing has happened to me! I don’t mind so much not being as smart as my cat, he is nice enough to keep me around….as long as I kept buying the Friskies that is…. 😉


  7. This is a humorous post but with a serious message. Like you I have a very strong affinity for cats…always have, always will. Came quite naturally from the time I was hardly old enough to walk. Those that keep putting down the cat population need to beg the questions, “How many postmen have been bitten by a cat?, How many children have been attacked by a cat?” Um-m-m? Maybe the subject should be changed to dogs…



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