Credit: Public Domain
MT HOOD in Oregon. Credit: Public Domain

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”


Perseverance must begin somewhere…in a cold and dark room in the very early morning in the dead of winter. It is sharp with a hard edge, tempered by a million stings. Perseverance is tired but hears the shrill of the alarm in that damn biting cold and gets up anyway.

Perseverance doesn’t think. It doesn’t moan or complain. It just acts. It never questions, it does….and never under any excuses does it ever make excuses. It is strong, steadfast and true. It is a port in the storm and it can weather it all, from wind to rain and sleet and snow.  Perseverance can outlast any hurricane.

Perseverance is not easy.  It is hard-fought and not easily won.  It comes in fits and starts and twists and turns. At times it flows like the mighty Mississippi, at other times it drips and drips like a leaky tap. Sometimes it doesn’t come at all. It is when we feel low, when we are alone in the pitch black darkness…we shout and plead and scream “please help me!” and our pleas fall on deaf ears, no one comes to help and our despair only grows.  It as if we are at the end of a slippery rope, our hands bleed trying to hold on, we think we cannot hold on but somehow from seemingly nowhere we find the strength to hold on….

Perseverance is a broken foot that walks a million miles…it is a voice that sings a million songs. Perseverance is a heart that loves a million times over and is always ready to love once again.

You can fall a million times, a billion…Perseverance will get you back up…it always does and always will. Cling on to this miracle. Hold it in your hand and never let go and it will never let go of you…

Credit: Public Domain
Credit: Public Domain


Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

30 thoughts on “Perservere”

  1. Wow, Nancy! this is a good one. Bold, strong, vivid writing! I especially resonate to the image of the alarm clock and getting up in the cold anyway, and the quiet strength it takes to do that for a million mornings. I think you’ve described a lot of yourself and your own strength and perserverence in this post. And I trust that you are never going to let it go!


    1. Hey Janet, I’m no quitter but honestly between you and me…I’m keeping my eye out for a better job that is closer and more challenging brainwise. But I will never quit! I believe it is “pay your dues time” for me and someday I will be able to do something more valuable to society and myself.


      1. Hang in there, Nancy. It is always easier to get a job when you have a job. You will find one that is going to want to use all you have to offer. Meanwhile you are using the experiences of commuting, and exploring the new digs, and life in cubicle land creatively in your posts and photos. Since the job isn’t using your brain, perhaps the job can be a place to do character and plot research. Just keep your blue notebook handy!


        1. Thanks Janet! I value your input, ideas and support so much! I am hanging in there and this is just improving me. I am reading “Quantum Physics for Poets” in my little cubicle. YAY! I am getting out and meeting so many new people which is awesome! There’s no one like you though my friend! 😀


  2. The perfect post to read after moving…continuing to move is daunting after leaving the third floor. Thanks for sharing the inspiration, now for the last fee steps toward completion 🙂


      1. Well, I am staying with a friend until I find a house. It is a tough market for buying at this time, but I am not giving up. Fortunately there is a bit of space as my friend is in a house, some new coming gentrified/gentrifying neighborhood of the main city.Walkable to trendy and just nice new restaurants, so my meantime could be fun:)


  3. Really, we never finish anything of importance without perseverance. I just finished and submitted a book I’ve been working on for more than five years. This last month I almost did nothing but work on it, trying to make it as good as it could be. So mail and e-mail have piled up and I’ve been missing in action on Facebook and in the blogosphere. But the hardest part is over (I think)!


  4. How true, and your writing is inspiring! I love the way you describe it as a flowing river or a leaky tap. And the last lines are wonderful too. Thank you for such comforting words. 😀



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