Instant Now

The time is NOW
The time is NOW

In this modern world of the instant everything, patience has become quite a commodity. Why wait for anything?  Anything and everything is instantly at your fingertips…the world is at your command…at least it seems that way in this hectic fast paced treadmill we run on.

Hungry for “food”? Zap your meal in the microwave. Hungry for “knowledge”? Look it up online (Wikipedia anyone?)  Hungry for “love”? You can get that too (find your match for “free”) We are all so hungry most of us are obese in the Western world. In the US everything is supersized; the roads, the buildings, the people, our egos…

There is no reason to wait for anything, which is just as well. There is no time in which to wait. No one wants to wait but a little waiting can be a good thing. Waiting builds patience and tolerance. Not having everything we want exactly when we want it, builds character. Idle time gives the mind the opportunity to roam about and explore. Time to oneself can lead to quiet reflection which may perhaps lead to thinking for oneself. This once basic aspect in all of humanity is not as prevalent. We are bombarded with distractions and instant satisfactions all from a limited amount of sources. It is easier and quicker of course more economical to go with the tried and true…life is going at light speed and if you don’t get it together you will quickly be left behind.
Don’t stop and think, hurry along…

keep going it's grand

Our society does not appreciate slowness, consideration or thoughtfulness.
As circumstances in my life have forced to me to acknowledge and appreciate the concept of free time all the more, I am realising how essential it is to the spirit and well-being to have time to just plain do nothing. This sort of time is a rare commodity for most of us. Somehow many of us must conjure up from seemingly nowhere this mystical magical “free time”…while mostly juggling one obligation for the next, each one taking a chunk of our time….until we run out…

Are we but a cog in the wheel of time?
Are we but a cog in the wheel of time?

No wonder we are in such a hurry….
I have watched one minute go by on the microwave. The perfect time for heating up tea or coffee and I’ve noticed as the pace of life speeds up, the longer and longer that short little minute seems.
A minute is a long time….
Ever been put on hold?  Wait in line? Wait at a long red light when you are running late for work?
Given the right perspective, the matter of a few seconds can feel like an eternity.

do it now

The Societal concept of patience is slowly eroding. It is a muscle that needs to be exercised. I think a little waiting is good for a person and a little idle time and dare I say boredom, is a concept that needs to be embraced as a positive rather than a negative. When the mind is allowed such time for exploration it can and will go places. These are the times that bring insight and clarification.

keep time cog_eye____by_blamemybrain-d5z3nw0

I ran across the following quote;

“Why is patience so important?”
“Because it makes us pay attention.”

Paulo Coelho

flowers pink roses in neighborhood

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses?

Or went for an aimless walk? When was the last time you simply did nothing for no reason in particular?

There is something to be said for that…



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Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

17 thoughts on “Instant Now”

  1. We are in a “microwaveable society”. “running as fast as I can”…. Nope, I refuse. I move as deliberately as I can and don’t want to miss the beat. Good Post.


  2. I could rant awhile with you on this post, too. I want to know what everyone is so blooming afraid of that they can’t just stop for a minute and breathe, and wait a moment. Without the empty places in our lives, there’s no space for the magic to appear, no time to notice the miracles around us, no opportunity to listen to our own heart’s voice to know what we really need (and not what some advertiser is telling us we need.) Enjoy every moment of free time and aimless wandering you can grab!!!!


    1. Janet, you write the best comments.
      I think so people are afraid that if they slow down, they might be forced to notice what is going on with themselves and the world around them and finally realize they don’t like it. Ignorance is bliss…and so is free wandering time!


      1. I think you’ve nailed it. And the pushers of consumer culture definitely don’t want anyone to figure out that buying stuff does not make anyone feel better inside or make the world a better place. So they have to keep everyone busy with wanting the next “thing.” Who knew that time spent wandering could be such a revolutionary act!?!?


        1. Janet, Sometime in the future when I make my fortune being an infamous but fifthly rich writer, we could meet up somewhere very cool and trippy and start wandering around spreading free money and left-leaning ideals all over….ha, take that “society”! 😉


  3. I’ve been thinking about this very thing lately. I’m glad that the only thing my life has that’s instant is Nature.


  4. You are so right! I feel guilty if I stop and do nothing, but I still manage to switch off sometimes. I often feel time is running out, but when I do stop and pause for thought those moments are so valuable! 😀


  5. Life does go quickly and we do need to be patient.
    Yet, there are those in the other extreme too who take so much time life passes them by and they lose chances, people, and what not.
    Still, you are right too, we are not patient in today’s age either. I believe in a balance of the two.
    Currently I am endeavoring to continue to be patient with someone who I admit, has more patience than me. You cannot hurry growth either I know. So I enjoy the meantime you write about. Harder than I thought but a worthwhile challenge. Good post, good timing 🙂


  6. I couldn’t agree more. I find it fun to “space out” and let the mind loose to wander where it will. I think yoga practice encourages this sort of meandering mind.



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