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There have been some rumors going around about my strange and sudden disappearance from the blogoverse at large. Wild theories and stories have been bandied about  the reason(s) for my abrupt departure.  I need to quell the rumors and set the record straight. No, I have NOT been sunning myself on the beaches of the French Riviera with George Clooney. I know this has been written up as fact by some disreputable newspapers but this is not true.

Nor are the rumors true about me visiting The International Space Station, despite their desperate pleas, I don’t plan on making a visit anytime soon.

International space station

I have been vacationing however…an inevitable sort of vacation that seeps in when someone, such as myself, saturates themselves too thoroughly into something, even if this something is something they love….which for me is writing and thinking, neither of which I’ve been doing too much of lately.

It’s a mood and a  plan of inaction; partially encouraged by little free time but mostly by a need to take it all in for a while and not think too much about it.

It’s good to get away from oneself at times, at least for me….or at least from my mind, which is usually running like mad with this and that. It is a natural part of my personality which most of the time I enjoy but it can lead to burnout which leads to a case of the nothings; this has rendered me temporality dull and dimwitted.

…and I’m temporarily enjoying it.

hiatus Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes-032511

It could be the heat. My town of Portland has been sweltering in the summer sun, it is July after all.  I have been enjoying some time outdoors when I’ve been able. My time has been limited for gardening and my garden has grown wild with my abandon. Nature is damn amazing. It never lets up. The grass keeps growing and the weeds keep popping up but my half-neglected tomato plants are thriving; one has the fun and fitting name of “Old German”  and its the biggest tomato plant I’ve ever had.   I picked up the old German when it was just a wee German at the farmers market a while back. It is an Amish favorite and I am looking forward to partaking in some tomaty goodness later in the summer.   Everything in its own time….right!


and so…as the little voice in my head that tells what to write has been silent so have I…

I started this blog almost two years ago. During that time, this has jabbered on and on, a narrative that speaks to me in my own voice. It is smooth and articulate and it is a fast talker, nothing like me in real life.   It has clamored on and on, never running out of things to say and then well, it became sort of preachy, edging on the bitchy and then just kinda petered out  to dead silence.


…as strange as it sounds that is what’s going on, but hey, I’m getting a lot of reading done; tackling such

fascinating subjects as

the brain, innovation and anthropology but also books with names like Quantum Physics for Poets and Mycelium Running and so

my head hasn’t been

completely empty….I guess I’ve been taking some time to take it all in for a while….


..but the writing urge is creeping in again……I’m BAAACK….


I have been doing some tinkering with this site; a new theme and organization. Please feel free to take a look, I would love your feedback. I thought it’s time for a change…change is good.

I have missed visiting you and reading your posts, I get a lot out of it!  I am looking forward to catching up which I will be doing for the next while.

I try in each of my posts to have some sort of point; a reason for all the fuss….but perhaps no reason is enough of a reason and a pretty good one at that.




“You ask me why I spend my life writing?

Do I find entertainment? Is it worthwhile?

Above all does it pay?

If not, then, is there a reason?

I write only because there is a voice within me

That will not be still.”

~Sylvia Plath


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Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

27 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. Welcome Back! I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one needed a hiatus lol Nice reading choices btw, I picked up ‘Who Built the Moon” and the Game of Thrones series. I guess we all need to ‘take a break from ourselves’ eh? Love the new site 🙂


  2. You know George only brings you trouble! Glad you took time off to let the thoughts percolate, and i’m doubly glad the writing started seeping out your pores and that you are back blogging. I like the new theme and the color scheme, and I particularly like your photo and ‘about” statement prominently displayed. the wisdom words are cool too. On the subject of tomatoes, there is an heirloom grown in NC called “German Johnson.” Alas, they succumb to wilt very easily. But the tomatoes are large and ugly and the most delicious. I wonder if they are related to your german tomato. I’d love to see a photo of your tomato if you get a chance.


    1. Hello Janet! So good to hear from you, it’s great to be back. I’ve missed you. I will pop over soon to see you at your place.

      The German is large and wilty too. The poor thing is somewhat neglected and the weather has been warm here…well warm for here, which is about 90 degrees with usually fairly low humidity. That is probably nothing compared to where you are and the German is growing and it is hot to him. My next door neighbor cut down her tree and left the old guy exposed in the direct sun all day. This is taxing on him. I am not home to give him drinks during the day so, well…it is what it is.

      I will take some photos of the German and his companion Juliet (Yes that is the name) They have yet to produce many flowers but they are looking forward to that later in the season.


  3. Hi I love the look, but most of all I love your writing. Good that I found You I”m also one of the UBC but I missed alraidy a few posts. greetings


  4. Love the new look Nancy! And good to see you back. I had been wondering…. George Clooney was said to be on the Riviera with a new lady…. 😉 I think a little time out for reading and simply enjoying the sunshine is a great idea, and I may follow your example. Just to recharge the batteries so to speak. Take it easy and have a nice relaxing Sunday… keep watering those tomatoes! (Hope to see a picture at some stage!) 😉 😀


  5. Yes, you’ve been missed, but hopefully you’re back all renewed. I think we all hit these streaks when we need to take a breather. I know I do.


  6. I’ve been feeling writing bunout as well. I found my blog becoming nothing but whining and ranting. My work life has become extremely stressful, draining what little creative juices I had! Welcome back to you!!


  7. I was wondering about where you were, and have missed you! Glad you are back! The space station would have been an interesting vacation, but the getting there…a trip I doubt I would be able to handle. Again, glad you are back and sounds like fascinating reading as well 🙂



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