The day that was never supposed to be

golden japanese maple
Sunlit Japanese Maple at my front door Credit SBI

Today is the day that was never supposed to be. It is a day where I am not where I am supposed to be and neither is MM. No, today we are not where we are supposed to be at all. Today we are thumbing our noses at convention and “the man”. We are sticking up for our rights to have a wee bit of control over our own lives. Today we made a choice. It was a collective one and one that  we did not enter into frivolously or without careful consideration. Today MM and I took a voluntary day off from work…gasp. How irresponsible and perhaps somewhat stupid to confess here for the “world’ to see. As if the powers that be have time to read my blog…haha.

More than likely whatever I say here won’t get farther than you and I. What is there to say? well….I am enjoying the hell out of myself.

I’m calling this day The Day That Was Never Meant To Be and I am determined to make this day count! I want this decision to stay home today and get a much-needed break from the daily grind that is grounding me down to be one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.

I awoke at the usual much too early…the still sleeping part of my brain was  able to persuade the only half asleep side of my brain that “runs” things, that today, a day off  was essential to my  physical and mental well-being  and life in general would be better for me and my family if I spent the day on life enhancing activities of the domestic variety.

We started our day off with a large cup of hot coffee; dark and satisfying. We giggled like school kids we talked of our daring defection and just how nice it was to relax. We lay in bed sipping coffee and enjoying the early morning sun streaming in the windows.

Here comes the Sun. credit SBI
Here comes the Sun. credit SBI

I took out the camera and took some experimental happy shots around the house. This is my idea of fun.  The early morning sun makes for excellent ethereal pictures.  The birds were in the spirit singing their bestest which may have drawn the neighbors cats who paid a visit from up atop the fence.

I decided to do some barefoot gardening. Nothing strenuous; weeding, seeding and a bit of this and a bit of that.   The bees were going full buzz and I spent several minutes enjoying and admiring them before I returned to “work”

Scarlet Lily. credit: SBI
Scarlet Lily. credit: SBI

MM the dear and wonderful person,  did the dishes as has become his custom since I started my current job. He is a dedicated and special man who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.  Thanks to his industry, the kitchen was spotless before we went out “exploring” which sounds exciting but really just involved  visiting an exotic place called the grocery store for a bag of Friskies and some grape soda before sneaking into a well-known fast food  joint that I never eat at for some inexpensive and satisfying coffee, yes the coffee is Ok in a pinch)

After the mid afternoon pick me up, I was back at it full steam and the rest of the day played itself out gloriously. Tasks that would have stricken me as mundane just a few scant months ago delighted me in their comfortable simplicity from one thing to the next, leading to a delicious cashew chicken dinner at home . We watched a  Classic Star Trek rerun. It was like seeing an old and dear friend you haven’t seen for a long time. I polished my nails (sparkly blue) and indulged in a big bowl of ice cream (Chocolate Brownie Thunder, YES!)

Credit: Public domain
Credit: Public domain

We snuggled under the covers, Me, a good book and MM. It was an excellent day. It was just what I needed…

Am I glad I did it? Yes! Am I making excuses? Sure. But I must say this unexpected break from the daily grind let me have a chance to look at my situation with perspective.; my much too long commute is wearing thin on me. I am not a quitter but I am rational and can see my current lifestyle is unsustainable. So I did one more thing today; I revamped my resume, added some color and worked on some cover letters…who knows… I may be ready for a jump. Wish me luck!

Columbine, phlox and Johnny jump ups. Credit SBI
Columbine, phlox and Johnny jump ups. Credit SBI
By the way, does anyone want to hire a tired and starving writer? I’m right here!

Have a good one.



“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”
―     William Arthur Ward

My Love Affair With Coffee (

National Ice Cream Day – July 21, 2013 (

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34 thoughts on “The day that was never supposed to be”

  1. We say “I am calling in well” at my house. I am glad you gave yourself such a treat and it turned into a delightful day. You need mental time and space to figure out what isn’t working in order to decide what has to be different. Glad you took care of yourself!


    1. Hey Janet! It was needed. Alright. Gave me a perspective on things. I wasn’t getting the full picture before. I think I thought I had not many options and I was stuck but actually it was me who stuck myself. I am feeling more confident these days. But still not much free time. That hopefully will should change a bit soon.
      So good to see you my friend. I hope all is well with you!


      1. Remember how much you have to offer a perspective employer! Your confidence is grounded in fact! I hope a job close to home manifests soon, so you will have time for thinking, writing and living!


  2. Why did I notice a feeling of guilt for having taken a day off? If it allowed you to write and create this wondrous post, was it not worth it? And what about all the memories you carry of the day?

    Great post and pictures!



  3. Sounds like the perfect day! And your garden is so beautiful. 🙂 Also, sounds like this is leading you to a more sustainable path, which is another postive though can be tricky. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your day 🙂


  4. I would hire you in a heartbeat! I love your writing style, Nancy! I guess I should start a business first though, lol! Your photographs are gorgeous also. Good for you on your “day that was never supposed to be”! Sounds perfect to me, a very healthy ‘stress buster’ too!!! 🙂 Penny, p.s.- looking forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you in the near future!!!


  5. I wish you all the luck and positive thoughts I can send your way. It sounds like you are in a bit of a rut and that taking this day was just what you needed. I loved your photographs and your strong spirit.

    I have not been around the blogging world much this summer, but you have crossed my mind a time or two. My family spent the Fourth of July in Portland and I was wondering if you were somewhere out there on the riverbank with us and all those other people watching the fireworks explode across the night sky.


    1. Hey Shoes: so nice to see you… Thanks for the good vibes…you are wonderful. I hope all is well with you. I hope you had a good time in Portland and glad you thought of me. I wished I would have been among the crowd that night watching fireworks. It would have been fun to run into you.


  6. Oh I do wish you the best of luck Nancy! And a hug too! Your day off sounds delightful and fruitful at the same time. Recharging the batteries is so important, so take it easy and put all your energy into searching for that dream job that just happens to be in your neighbourhood! The photos are wonderful by the way. 😀


  7. Wishing you all the very best of luck. I think this was a fantastic idea. Keep in mind that the USA gives its workers the least amount of time off in the civilized world.Taking a day off is essential for mental health and productivity. You go, girl! 😉



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