An Indigo Rant

screaming woman in public domain

I’m angry…damned angry. Boiling mad angry. This is a rant my friends and if you don’t wish to see the darker side of SBI please look away. Come back again on another day. That is a warning and this is a rant!

I feel someone should speak up here. I suppose I lead a sheltered existence, safe in my little blog world where I am surrounded by enlightened and caring people.  I do however venture out to the virtual world at large, and oh yes, we all know this world can be ugly, unbearably ugly.

I try to stay  away from all this but I am concerned.  I do care and I am curious.  I recently visited the Huffington Post. It is a place I go. I have an account there and I am called theindigoside. As the name suggests it is the indigo side. I can get somewhat political but I am me, and all the me I can be.

I ran into a story:

Timothy Alsip, Oregon Homeless Man, Robs Bank For $1, Asks To Go To Jail To Access Healthcare


This is all very sad.  Many of us in The United States have no health care. I was chatting with a British friend of mine on Facebook and had a difficult time explaining how our system “works”. I personally have recently lost my benefits and those for my two children. It is a scary thing to be at risk like that but  I am grateful and I feel blessed to have all that I do…but I digress.  This rant is not about me.

This poor man in the story is a homeless and obviously desperate man. He could be mentally ill. He could have a myriad of problems.  This is not my point….it is obvious again that he could be doing better but he is not. THAT is a fact.  We could go over who and what the problem is. We could blame the government, the Democrats or the Republicans. We could blame the one percent or the 99. We could blame his parents, society or corporations..we could even blame the man himself.

The world is f**ked my friends, oh yes, we all know this…

This is all valid but this is not why I am so upset, at least not at this time. Right now,  I am upset about the type of comments this story received.  I am appalled really.

No one saw the sadness, no one had any empathy for this man. Some blamed the “freeloaders” of society. Many had someone or something to blame.  Some made fun of his appearance and all the comments I read blamed him in some way. Not one of them had any sympathy for this poor fellow human.

It was a competition on who could be more clever and witty than the person before them.  I probably put myself up for ridicule with these people but I had to speak up…I had to…

This was my response:

However someone looks at it. Whoever someone blames for the ills of society. Whatever someone says trying to be clever and witty all the while sitting at home with a full stomach and a nice warm comfortable bed to retire to. In this someone’s opinion it is a sad and sorry state that has befallen us when no one has any sympathy, empathy or any sort of feelings for a fellow human being.
NO one is immune to adversity. However and whatever some may think. One’s fate can turn on a dime, just like that. This story is just sad. Damn sad all around.”

And it is not just here. It is everywhere. I see smug self-satisfied people judging others. It is so easy to do so. It is easy for some to tell themselves that their luck or success or whatever is due to the deserving of it.   It also is easy to save one’s compassion for the attractive while condemning those who are not so much; old people, ill people ,the homeless, the wretched, the insane, and the troubled. It is easy for some to blame and condemn, to point the finger to all except themselves.

Many rich people have worked very hard and so have many poor people. Good fortune plays a huge role and that fortune can and does change.  As we all know the rain falls on us one and all.

I know for a fact that you are not like this. You are compassionate and wise and wonderful.

Surrounded by people like you all the time one could think everyone is like you, but this is not the case.  I know I am preaching to the choir here.  I guess what I’m trying to say….

…next time you hear some of this garbage being spewed by your fellow human please stand up for us. Set the record straight, help us all and preach understanding and compassion. Let those who hold these sorts of negative and unproductive opinions know that that sort of thing will not be tolerated. Speak up for the voiceless, the misunderstood and the ugly. Stand up for the ill and the homeless and the poor people who have done nothing wrong but be poor.    We all deserve kindness.



quotes suess EarthDay

Thanks for listening,


Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” ― Plato


Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

44 thoughts on “An Indigo Rant”

  1. It seems to be common for some people to judge and I am sorry for them their hearts have hardened. I’ve read that kind of story here in Vancouver, Canada. Yes, we must put a voice for the voiceless. Thank you SBI.


  2. Well said! I am amazed that such comments were there on the Huffington Post site. Shocked really. This ego-centric internet is, I fear, is a major contributor to the dininishment of compassion in our society in general. Bravo, Strawberryindigio!


  3. HELLO! I’m Jasmine I am new… HI JASMINE! Well I am on Huffpo to and I can say I understand your plight. I to have sat AMAZED at how people behave when they are sitting in a chair safe and warm. I really had written off TROLLS as we call them and was poised to DESPISE them till I watched a video JUST YESTERDAY about anonymous. I didn’t know the history of Trolling and didn’t understand it’s importance and evolution. LONG STORY SHORT I feel differently about them now and since then just shrugged off comments that have no place. You can tell the REALLY nasty ones because they have NO followers and no picture. Anonymity is a KEY ingredient in TROLLING. Hope this helps SOMEHOW!


    1. Hello Jasmine! Nice to meet you. I would be interested in seeing the video you mention. Could you please do me the favor of sending a link. I would appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by and for your input.


      1. Sure it’s very educational but I warn you a bit imature at times

        It REALLY opened my eyes to trolling and why some do it and how it can actually do good… I KNOW!


  4. We really do think alike Nancy. Not only is the story sad, but the reactions to it. The Germans have a national election next month and it seems most people will vote only for their own personal interests and not those of the less privileged. I’m glad I’m not alone in the way I think – there aren’t enough people who care like you do. 😀


    1. Thanks Cathy. I am glad we think alike. I know there is much wrong with the world but sometimes it is the individual stories of people that bother me the most. It was in my state of Oregon that this happened. I guess it hit close to home. Just as in Germany, we here in the US vote our personal interests as well–I wish more people did care…


  5. I don’t know how the US can think of itself as a civilized country without having free healthcare at the point of need. I live in Italy, a third world country in many respects; but here there is free healthcare for EVERYONE – at the GP, hospital. I would be scared to live in the US unless I was very ricj indeed.


    1. Hello Christina. Way to go Italy! The US is so backward in so many ways. Our government has the totally wrong priorities, but I will vouch for the people. Many of us are good people. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.


        1. I don’t know Christina, I didn’t vote for him. I voted for Obama though and now I regret that. Often it is a choice between the lesser of two evils Our whole system needs to be revamped. I wish I had the answers…


    1. Thanks Mikey. “I Was a Fugitive From a Chain Gang”. Classic. They don’t make them like that anymore. I don’t know if I have seen it, but it is worth checking out. I need a bit of a hiatus before I go into Rave mood again…thanks for stopping by.


  6. Nice one! It seems ppl everywhere are suffering from a lack of humanity. I recently read stories about ppl being charged with feeding the homeless. Personally, I’m ready to move to the woods…


  7. Well said. I confess, in general I’ve stopped reading comments on political posts or in places like the Huffington Post. Why? Because they make me sick. Too often its all about hatred and stupidity and very rarely about compassion and understanding. I know I should stand up and let my voice be heard, but the problem is that most of the people who make the negative comments will never be swayed or listen to voices of reason. I have started to hide away from it all, but that’s not the solution. I wish I had a better one.


    1. Oh Lisa, I wish I had an answer too. All I have is my writing, my compassion and my temper, this may not be the best combination but as Popeye says: I am what I am. You are who you are too….thanks for caring. 😀


  8. I want you to go to your window. Open it and yell I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! A man needs medical so he needs to go to jail to get help… Unbelievable!


  9. Way to tell it, Strawberry! I just wonder what proportion of the thoughtless trolls dissing that man and the article would claim to be Christian. This is just the guise that Jesus might be likely to come back in – if he did. In any case, such were those about whom he was the most concerned and caring.


    1. Hey Joanne: You make an excellent point. Hypocrites abound in this world. Jesus was a long haired rebel that many Christians wouldn’t give the time of day to if he were to show up today. I happened to have a soft spot for that type myself. Thanks for your input.



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