Entangled Particles and the Certainty of Love

We are star dust.  We are atoms, molecules, particles and quarks. We are flesh and bone and hearts and minds. We are human and we live in a complex universe full of mystery. I am an artist, a writer and poet.  I have many varied interests which mix in my brain and leads me to think some pretty interesting thoughts.

For years I have been curious about the universe at large and how it became to be. As I mentioned before, my mind is slanted toward the more creative side of the spectrum, but physics, especially quantum physics is a subject that intrigues me. I have read about a dozen books on the subject; ones that are written for the layperson like myself.  Contained therein these books are concepts which are very difficult for my creative and whimsical mind to grasp.  One of these is the subject of Entangled Particles.

Einstein, one of my heroes and an altogether fascinating and smart guy called the subject of  entanglement “spooky action at a distance.”

particles entangled

“Inside the atom, electrons exist in orbits around the central nucleus. And just as the Earth spins daily on its axis while orbiting the sun, electrons also have spin. That Particles such as electrons can also become ‘entangled’, so that any measurement of the spin of one of them is correlated with the spin measured on the other – no matter how far apart they are! The ‘non-locality’ of this entanglement means two particles can be considered as a single object, even though they may be separated by some distance.”

To me, in my silly mind, this is not so much spooky as it is romantic….and it just gets better; no matter how far these entangled particles get from each other, they stay intertwined and behave as one, even on opposite ends of the universe;  Star-crossed lovers if I’ve ever heard of them.

We humans are made up of these countless particles.  

This makes me think of these two particles; together as one until one day out of the blue and from no doing of their own…they are split apart… just like that. And hurled into opposite ends of the universe.  I know what you’re thinking; how tragic!

Isn’t that just the way. I have seen many romantic movies with the same plot.  Boy meets girl and boy loses girl…just like that. These entangled ones are so “into each other” they keep acting the same no matter how far apart they get from each other. He may be in the jungles of South America and she may at her country estate on  the moors of Wuthering Heights but they never forget how it was to be together and long for each other like crazy.

In the cold reality of space we know these entangled particles will never meet again but in the affairs of the heart we know that often love finds a way.  So say a million billion trillion years pass and these entangled particles meet again somehow; would they recognize each other?

Ah…as Shakespeare would say; that’s the rub and this is my point….

Ever meet someone who you already knew? Someone you could fall into and float with forever?  Maybe that’s why; it may be our particles recognize each other.   Spooky?  I say not….I say it’s a Quantum Romance.

Just a few thoughts from the mind of a “nutcase”



“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.” 

Entangled Hearts Red White Blended Background

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Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

32 thoughts on “Entangled Particles and the Certainty of Love”

  1. Can everyone agree that anything moving with speed higher as light must use 5th (or higher) physical dimension, which should have explanation in Kaluza–Klein theory for 5th dimension description?


  2. I love the possible explanation of why my wife and I got together and how we were one. Unfortunately her particle came top an end far to early and was flung back into the Universe but I’m sure the fact that we are one will ensure we remain so when my time also comes.Atoms will unite.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  3. You and I share this fascination and for me it inspires books, poetry and blog articles … You might enjoy my novel – The Last Observer – its a story about magic and physics and reality…. You can find it on Amazon….


  4. I too am a creative and a lover of science and the Universe. As soon as I start talking million, billion – my wife switches off. I like this thought of the entangled particles creating a romantic attraction. What if it took just one of these such entangled particles to exist inside you and the other inside someone else – could the relationship between them be felt by both parties as attraction? Him, ponder. 🙂 Think I’ll follow you and see what other intriguing thoughts you come up with.


    1. Hi Stuart. You bring up an intriguing thought. As a lover of science you know the how small but yet significant a particle can be. There is so much in this world we do not understand; especially what we cannot see, like love and particles. Thanks for the follow perhaps you can help me ponder a bit too. 🙂


  5. I have thought about this idea…..in 1988, I read a book on quantum relations and superstrings theory….I was 8 then; then thought of delayed reaction….then thought “what if….it is all happening simultaneously….” ——– I then quite recently fell in love with a woman that somehow or another we (not through google!) knew so much about each other at any given time……..quantum entanglement explains ESP……


    1. Hi Melbourne: This idea occurred to me many years ago more out of instinct or feeling than anything else. I have since read a half a dozen books on Quantum Physics although my mind has a difficult time grasping it, it is nonetheless fascinating. I believe we are all connected and I am glad my little post prompted you to comment. I have thought of expanding this piece and turning it into something more, as it is very simplistic.

      I like meeting smart people and if you were reading a book on that subject at the age of 8, you must be.
      I wish you and your love all the best. I have recently fallen myself and I know the feeling. 🙂


  6. This one needs a ‘love’ button (wish WP would supply one!) I’m trying to catch up since I just got back from some travels, but I loved your little meander into quantum physics. Any guy who could come up with a phrase like “spooky action at a distance” is my kind of guy… which he is, of course. I think that description is marvelous, unless you happen to object to the word spooky I suppose.


  7. Oh, Nancy, I love this! and I love the idea of long-ago flung apart particles recognizing each other. That is as good an explanation for love as any I’ve ever heard. I am smitten with quantum theory myself, especially all that indicates that all reality is connected and distance is meaningless. I am so happy to be reading your writing again. I know I have many more you posted in September to look forward to.


    1. Janet! I am so happy you are back! I have missed you my friend. I am glad you liked this. I have received few comments and less likes than typical. I think some readers don’t know what to think of this one. You would be into quantum theory–you are so damned smart. I wish I understood it better but I read about every now and again and understand more and more.
      I look forward to hearing more about you and what you have been up to. September was a crazy month, was it not?–yikes! I would like to hear what you think about some of the stuff I wrote, if you don’t get to it—don’t worry. I wrote a lot in September. Suffice to say I became angry about issues in the world and then calmed down and decided not to worry about what I cannot change.
      I will be focusing on the positive from now on. I am so elated to hear from you. I look forward to our communications. Take care and see you around. 🙂


  8. Definitely spooky but I get the romance side of it too…. aaw, love the way your mind works Nancy! Isn’t that a lovely thought that those particles might find each other…


  9. Things happen because they happen. In such a vast, most likely multiple, universe happenstance is more then enough to explain us. And anything remotely like us elsewhere. In an infinite, or next to, flow of random energy there is no limit to what could form.

    We are by nature inflicted by a brain that forms patterns from events, if they exist or not is irrelevant to it. Due to our lack of capacity to comprehend the vast scale of it all we start to see patterns were they are not. To us everything gripping together like clockwork on the macroscopic scale is practically proof it’s all meant to be.

    As soon as we take the microscopic events into account things become a whole lot less evident. Particles being just random clumps of energy, changing into one and another on the go is to me a distinct indication it’s all fleeting happenstance we observe. We just lack the timescale, timespan, to see it is just a minute coming together of events which will be gone in the next fleeting instant.

    Only chance can fully explain all. Only out of nothing can come something. Anything else lands you in a never-ending tree of answers raising more questions then they answer.


    1. Hello Petrossa, Many events defy explanation, to my human brain anyway. I confess that I delight in flights of fancy and never take anything too seriously. It is the questions sometimes that are more enjoyable than the answers that one can never be quite sure of.

      And chance…how wonderful is that? What are the chances that someone like you and someone like I would run into each other twice online? The first time on the Psych forum in a section for Asperger’s and then again here on WordPress.

      I must say that I enjoy your view on matters. I must come by and visit you sometime. ~Nancy


      1. lol. Such a small world. I must admit yr nick didn’t ring a bell but then again you didn’t post much before i quit moderating so that’s my poor excuse for not remembering. Not many people enjoyed my view, perhaps i’m to straightforward. Glad to know at least one did. ;-p To visit just take the A8 to Genova and take a right just before the border with Italy 🙂


          1. It’s tiny 🙂 Well, there were a lot of people that had my attention, would it have been less I’m sure I’d remembered since now the nick is back in front of my memory. It’s the colors of it.



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