Musings on TIME and other savory things

“How did it get so late so soon?”

― Dr. Seuss


We are beholden to time.  It gives whatever fate has determined for us to be a fair measure. It is always there.  It is quiet. It sits like a spider in its web, waiting in a seldom used corner of a dark room…

It can be patient, this time.  At other times, it is as quick as lightning. It can be a soft trickle of water that slowly cuts through rock and stone or the tidal rush of mad ocean that can fill a mighty canyon in minutes.

I see the lines that time has left in my face; places where smiles have once been, crinkles around my eyes, the inevitable forehead furrow that comes from deep thinking. I suppose I have earned these, although knowing that doesn’t take away the feeling I get. It still surprises me when I look into the mirror and a 40-year-old looks back at me when when I still expect that 20-year-old to.  I  look like me but different. I know a hell of a lot more than the 20-year-old did. The sparkle in my eyes are the same–maybe even brighter than when I was younger. I have found one doesn’t have to be under 30 to have a spring in one’s step.

I have been on this planet long enough to witness some time pass. One can see a lot in 44 years of life. It is not nearly enough in my opinion. To me it seems my life is just beginning.  There is so much to do, to experience. I think I am finally starting to catch on.

And while one is figuring it all just sits there dispassionately and ticks.

Ouch. You can’t reason with time. You can’t sweet talk it. It is incorruptible. It stands firm, no negotiating. It goes on and that is that…

…and it demands we deal with our own mortality. Damn that time.

black hole of my imagination

A human lifetime is but a mere blink compared to the age of this planet…or age of the universe for that matter. To think in those spans of time requires one to walk among cold things, unblinking things…things we will never know or understand.

Even I don’t want to know everything.

It is much better to feel everything. Experience everything we can.  Every single damn moment can be an eternity if we enjoy it enough.


And I am off to enjoy those moments…
and savor them slowly.
Like a warm cup of dark coffee on a hopeful sunlit morning
smooth and rich, uplifting…happy.
enjoying each moment fully and then letting go.
Moments like chocolate and hazelnuts
Sweet and inviting. ..alive


Wishing you happiness my friends,



“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

― Mother Teresa



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Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

33 thoughts on “Musings on TIME and other savory things”

    1. You are smart Joanne, you are observant. Yes, I did change the name. It was My Life in Color for two years, then without warning I changed it two weeks ago. I didn’t say anything and you are the only who noticed. Thanks for that! 🙂


  1. Count me in the Pink Floyd fan club. I am thinking about time and impermanence a lot lately – have a post half finished about that. if time is a river, I’m still caught in the rapids, sometimes heading downstream, sometimes swirling in some quieter eddy behind a rock, sometimes tumbling head first into the water. I remind myself in the day’s rush that I have all the time I need, yet at my age I begin to think that I don’t. it is all very muddled, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on Time, with your much needed reminder to savor each moment! Hugs to you for that!!!!


    1. Hey Janet: It is always so good to see you. You write the best comments–you do, I’m not just saying that. Thanks for the white water rapid trip, I thoroughly enjoyed myself especially to the sounds of Pink Floyd. You have fantastic taste my friend. {{{Hugs Back}}}


  2. I was just thinking of this today. How if we wait too long for something we may find we are older than what we would like to be when what we were waiting for happens, as some things are only a matter of time anyway as my friend told me; still there is this time of waiting and at times it irks me.
    Conversely, there are some things well worth waiting for and you need only enjoy that time while you wait, so it is no worry or irksome at all if you do not let it be…I go back and forth on this personally. Still in this meantime coffee is helping, as is the occasional chocolate. 🙂


    1. Hey Niaaeryn Time either is too fast or too slow. I hear ya about waiting. I am the type that tends to wait too long…and then hustle at the last minute. This is not a trait I am proud of and it seems to have passed itself on to my kids—ugh. Thanks for stopping by–it’s always good to hear from you! 🙂


  3. Time is the oddest thing, isn’t it. Technically it doesn’t exist, and the only time we really have is now; but how the whole span of past, present and future affects us!


  4. Thanks for inspiring me to listen to Pink Floyd again… Dark Side is near the top of the Favorites list for me.
    When you come right down to it, time is really all we have……. 😀


    1. Oh Gunta, I wouldn’t have taken you for a Pink Floyd fan but I am pleasantly surprised and truly honored to have inspired you to listen to them again. They are one of my favorites. and Yes, time is all we have, I ran into this quote recently…

      “Life is available only in the present moment.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

      Fits, I think. Hope you are well my friend. 🙂


  5. Carpe Diem indeed. 60 soon. Time does seem to speed up as you grow older. Before you know it’s another day gone. Due to memory loss, you remember less details so it seems shorter.


    1. Hi Petrossa, The way I am going, by the time I finish writing this long-winded sentence enough time will have elapsed to where I will have forgotten why I wrote it. Cheers! BTW you are a kid still… 🙂


  6. i agree. time is running. it is good to be with what we know rather than what we do not know. immortal is time and not us humans 😛


  7. Amazing post. I am 33 and have been living my life like today is my last day here, appreciating every minute: reading amazing books, spending time with amazing people, traveling to amazing places, looking at the sky, appreciating every blade of grass.


  8. Lovely post! Time is a funny thing. It drags when we’re bored and zooms by when we’re happy. I swear it’s speeded up as I’ve got older too. I can’t believe I’m going to be 50 next year. Such a shock when I look in the mirror. Thanks for the uplifting post



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