Waves of Sound

“Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.” 
― Anaïs Nin


Darkness comes early now. I watch from my window as the light gradually fades.  I light a rose-scented candle and select the perfect sound to accompany this very moment.

The sound comes at me slow…then seizes me fast like a high tide. Waves of pure sound like the green sea surround and engulf me….I am taken to a place of exquisite color and fantastic landscapes that seem to go on forever.  I am alive in this one moment in time–suspended in sound.

Oh how it moves me. I feel each note resonate deep within like amber brown honey; smooth and sweet. I lie back and take it all in. The candle flutters in the breeze from the crack in the window. The shadows dance in time to the music like the beat of a heart…



I think we first experience music hearing our mother’s heartbeat. This strong yet fragile piece of mortal human keeps our blood pumping, the very same organ that lets us love like crazy…it keeps a beat and a comforting predictable sound.  It is the rhythmic song of life and oh how beautiful!

Music is heartfelt as it should be. As in all great art it is infused with a tiny piece of its creator.  Music is sound….and sounds are basically waves made up of vibrations that move through a medium, usually air.  Sound is not tangible.  It can be recorded onto something tangible but what it is…the essence of it lies not in something to be held in the hand….the power that music has lies in the human heart and soul.

It never ceases to amaze me; this power of music. It can elicit such an emotional response in people.  The right melody can strike a chord and touch you in a way nothing else can.  To me it can be akin to stepping inside a pool of pure emotion.

It is unique and it can touch us in many intricate ways.

music dance tango-51631_640

Music is an art that, in one guise or another, permeates every aspect of human society. It is used for such varied social purposes as ritual, worship, coordination of movement, communication, and entertainment. We attach so much significance to music. It plays such a big role in many of our lives. It provides the backdrop to everyday…slowly coiling itself like a snake around our memories. It attaches significance to places, events and people and imprints itself on our perceptions of time and reality.

It has certainly made an impression on me. I listen to music every day, I can’t imagine not doing this and I can’t imagine life without it.


“To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.” 
― Aaron Copland


I listen to a wide variety, I have my favorites, I like to visit…again and again, like old friends.

 There have been times when a certain song or artist was my only companion…

billie holiday
Billie Holiday

Music can be quite an intimate experience. There is a winsome loneliness, a crying out–an outpouring of emotion that I hear in some songs. I can feel the ache. It is these songs that I hold most dear.

363watercolor sky black
Credit: SBI

Take a listen to a song by a friend of mine. What do you hear?  What colorful landscapes does this beautiful music paint in your mind?

~The Mines of Moria  by Marc C. Miller~



dove flying

One of These Days by Pink Floyd (Trippy Video)  I highly recommend this!

The Man I Love by Billie Holiday

 What Causes Musical Experiences? (anthonyramirez13.wordpress.com)

Poetry: Music for the Brain (johnbalaya.com)

How Music Can Be Better For You Than Sex and Cheesecake (youtube.com)

Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

24 thoughts on “Waves of Sound”

  1. Ah, Nancy, you sum up the wonder that is music so well. Without music in this world, I don’t know that my heart would know how to beat. The Mines of Moria is beautiful – I pictured ice floating on a steely gray ocean, and rock-faced mountains rising against a pale yellow winter sky.


  2. “The Mines of Moria”… I just finished watching “Winged Migration” (for the fourth time) and while listening to this song, all I could envision were the various scenes from that movie. Have a wonderful day.


  3. Music is…well, it means a great deal to me as well. I love the selection you have. For me, I am often drawn to soundtracks, violins, cellos, but also the divergent techno, rock, well, a lot of variety actually. I cannot say that I have a favorite for that reason though of late it has been Loreena McKennit.


    1. Hey Niaaeryn: I like soundtracks as well and listening to the different sounds of each individual instrument. Cellos and violins are so soulful. I have never heard of Loreena Mckennit, I will have to look her up. Thanks.


  4. That was a lovely piece of music – if only I was more talented on the piano! Music is with me all the time, mostly in my head, where I can happily sing one song to myself all day… and I have phases of listening intensively to just one or two favourite CDs… currently Dianne Reeves is one of them. She has a fabulous voice, and – dare I say it – comparable to Billie Holiday, her role-model. Glad to see Billie featuring on your blog Nancy. You have such good taste!


    1. Hey Cathy, I am listening to Dianne Reeves right now, I never heard of her before, thanks for letting me in on such a talented artist with a superb voice. I never really liked Jazz until I became an adult. Now I love it! Isn’t Billie Hoiliday the best!
      Do you play the piano Cathy? That is cool if you do, cool if you don’t, but really cool if you do. I don’t play just listen.
      It is always so nice to hear from you my friend. I hope you are well. 🙂


      1. Hey, glad you like her Nancy! I’ve loved jazz for as long as I can remember, and tend to go for the crazy stuff more than the traditional. Love the old singers like Ella though too. I do play piano, but rather badly and don’t have much pleasure in it these days! Prefer to listen to the experts instead! 😀


    1. Hey Petrossa, thanks for the music! I have listened to it a couple times and it is quite the musical journey. I can see (or hear) why you say no headphones. 🙂 I appreciate instrumentals; let’s the mind wander. The voice that cuts in is nice but does not distract me with words. Very cool. I’m saving it.


  5. I enjoyed the attached music Nancy 🙂 I have so many favourite composers. This year I have listened a lot to Ludovico Einaudi and Rene Aubry, but they are just a fraction of what I listen. I love electronic music too- Yello – Swiss band – my absolute favourite, the Art of Noise 🙂 I love Daft Punk, I love romantic guitars – please come and listen this Thursday 😉 P.S. Me too, I love your new gravatar 🙂


    1. Hey Paula: I love-LOVE romantic guitar, I just melt. I respect your wonderful taste in music and will have to check some of these artists out. I will be by….thanks for liking my Gravatar. 🙂 😀


  6. What a rich piece.
    I love your phrase: ‘slowly coiling itself like a snake around our memories. It attaches significance to places, events and people and imprints itself on our perceptions of time and reality.’
    In the mid 90s, my harp & I attended a workshop “Music For Healing & Transition” with Laurie Riley. During her section on playing for the ‘well elderly,’ Laurie told us that music, ESPECIALLY music that was popular when they were young, helped orient elders. After the workshop, I spoke to my mom, who mentioned ‘some girls’ had come and sung at the Assisted Living that afternoon. We had a particularly lucid conversation, & I felt Laurie’s words had been affirmed!


    1. Hello Nadya, thanks for your kind, insightful and thoughtful comment. I see you are a harp player, some of the best people are. I have been reading on the power of music and elders. My Dad had Alzheimer’s and I wish I would have known before he passed about how music from his youth would have helped him.


  7. I think I can safely say that we are made from music.
    That is my understanding of the new physics — we are made from vibrational energies that resonate at certain specific frequencies — music.


      1. That is a fact now… the eleventh dimension probably -essentially – is made of miniscule membranes that hold matter in form with space-time — I’m not any longer looking at the gravity or super gravity issue the same — in fact the whole matter and dark matter and so on also may call up questions about how the galaxies really stay together… we shall see as more work occurs. Its fascinating for sure.


        1. It is fascinating Eric! Physics is not easy for me but I am enthralled nevertheless. Ever read Brian Greene? He makes it easier for people like me to understand. Wow…the eleventh dimension–trippy stuff.



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