Year of the Cat

And so here I am hearing someone tell my 15 year old daughter that she is too old for trick or treating…imagine…the horror…how could any poor deluded and dour person say THAT to my sweet and fantastic daughter? The shocking thing was that the misguided person was me!  Of all people….

It is a good thing that my daughter is wise beyond her years. She informed me in no uncertain terms that no one is too old for trick or treating and suggested the both of us venture out together. Truth be told, she was only in it for the candy, but despite what I said in a previous post my real motivation was the opportunity to dress up like an idiot. (That probably comes as no surprise.)

So what the hell?  I decide to dress up!

I found the wings I wanted but the purple wig from years past was mangled beyond repair. I decided to ditch the butterfly fairy idea and luckily I come across a pair of cute cat ears and a furry tail–A-ha!  How fitting…

The more I think of it, the more I think dressing up is a stellar idea! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and I will never again be as young as I am now….life is a gift meant to be enjoyed and if this is my personal idea of enjoyment why not?!

Nancy as cat

I spent the entire day dressed as a vampy black cat and had a blast!

Halloween is a fun day. It is the epitome of sweetness and light whimsy with dark twists of wry.

And dressing up like an idiot is fun, it makes normal everyday boring stuff like going to the grocery store to get more candy because the mice ate it even more fun than it already would be!

Sure I got a few stares in the produce section; who doesn’t when they are dressed like a cat?  I amused myself in the seafood section pawing at the poor Lobsters. I regret I do not have any pictures of this adventure but my camera was charging at the time. Here is a pic from a previous visit –(Oh how I yearn to free these guys!)

"Help us!!!!"
“Help us!!!!”

It was all good until I got my long black tail stuck in the ice cream case and then I almost fell when my too-high high heels skidded on the glossy brightly lit floor. The not falling part made it all so much more fun but I do have to say that picking up that extra bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups was the very best part.

This all prepared me for the main event hours later.  I let my daughter take the lead; her fluffy black tail swishing and swaying. She is dressed in Modern American Teen Zebra. She has even come up with a sort of accent for the night; Italian-Irish she calls it and proceeds to use it on everyone she meets. She is an original and has a flair for the dramatic–I wonder where she gets that?

We spent over an hour, going from house to house in the neighborhood, chatting and laughing, shuffling our feet in the October leaves and having a grand time. I kept in the background as always, waiting at the bottom of the stairs, happy just to be able to dress up like a cat and walk around the neighborhood with my daughter on a warmish autumn evening.

Ironically it was the house with the cat in the window that was the first. The cat was a fluffy orange affair that regarded us coolly as we approached. I stood in the back near a bush. My daughter let out with her spiel, the lady who belonged to the cat and who held the candy bowl squinted into the darkness and spied me. “I’m too old for treat or treating!” I said before she could say anything.

“Nonsense.” she replied with a playful smile. I shot a smile back and went up the stairs and upon arrival was instantly handed a Snickers bar.  A full-sized one…wow! What a feeling! It was happy little shot of chocolate goodwill and generosity. I was grateful and thanked her and we went on our way. I put the bar into my pocket and felt a warm glow in my heart.

Two more times this played out; the third time it was my daughter who prompted the person, a guy dressed as a cowboy to dole out a treat to me after she pointed me out matter-of-factly; “That is my mom and she thinks she is too old for trick or treating.” That “confession” landed me a full-sized Kit Kat.

I think we we’re onto something!

These moments get me thinking…

 Life is made up of moments–these moments come at us in their own time, in their own way. Life is too short to get hung up on what we think we cannot do. Cannots waste time.

I am losing this stupid fear of looking foolish in public. “Oh who cares!” I say.   I am taking advantage of moments such as these while I can still get them. It seems like only yesterday I was holding her tiny hand taking her out in the dark on such a night as this…..there are only so many Halloweens–you only get so many.

Nancy and Sara on Halloween 2
The only time I can be taller than her now is when I wear my highest high heels.

She is taller than me now. And this is her last night of being 15. She is in high school and has a boyfriend but for some reason she wants to spent Halloween night scoring candy with her mom. I would have been a fool not to take advantage of this.

I stayed in my catsuit for the rest of the night eating chocolate, sipping hot coffee…and planning for next year…

Have a good one


NOTE: My thanks to Juan for the mice eating the candy idea. Worked like a charm!

year of the cat-- me and mario

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A packet of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
A packet of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

33 thoughts on “Year of the Cat”

    1. Hey Janet, That Halloween was the start of a chocolate binge that overtake me. I tried to run (not really) and got carried away in the dark sweet goodness. Here I sit now and I find more of myself than there was before. I seem to have added some padding around the middle. I hope the cat suit still fits, haha.


  1. Awesome! I’m glad you dressed up with her. I refuse to stop trick or treating. Halloween is my favorite holiday, why not have fun? I do get my fair share of people saying I’m too old but oh well. I agree with you. Its my life and my moments should make me happy and not someone else, right? Love your costume!
    And I wish I could save the lobsters too. 😉


      1. Exactly! So many people believe that if you’re a “mature adult”, you don’t do things like that. Personally, I think there’s a big difference between being “immature” and having a “wild side”.


        1. Hello Daphne. Thanks for your thoughtful input. I agree there is a difference between being “immature” and having a “wild side” I have seen this time and time again. Some hide behind this veneer of adulthood (I’m too grown up to be silly) while their lives are a mess due to being immature. It’s much more fun to be silly anyway.


      2. Exactly! So many people believe that if you’re a “mature adult”, you don’t do things like that. Personally, I think there’s a big difference between being “immature” and having a “wild side”. 😉


  2. Outstanding! I am glad you were able to go out and have such a great time. I admire your gusto and I have to say, nice costume as well. I have a soft spot for black cats myself. Well done, Strawberryindigo 🙂


  3. Halloween is the coolest Holiday we have! It may not mean the most from a Religious, Political or cultural perspective but its got true hip character. Anyone who doesn’t celebrate it is just a stiff. Get busy living or get busy dieing. Sounds like you lived it up..


  4. I’m so glad you went out and had some fun! Love the outfits – you both look pretty cute!… what was your own kitty up to on Halloween? 😉
    I must confess, I have never had a peanut butter cup. Have I missed out on one of the essential experiences in life?! 😀


    1. Hey Cathy. Thanks. We had a great time. My cat Mario was hiding on Halloween. He hates the doorbell, scares him. He is a scardy cat.

      You must eat a peanut butter cup, they are fantastic. Do they have them where you are? I used to have a recipe that made candy similar to peanut butter cups but lost it amid my disorganization—alas, the story of my life–haha. 🙂 😀



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