Wisdom from Unlikely Places

I have found wisdom in unlikely places. In places some would say there is none to be found. In long dark hotel hallways at 3 am and brightly lit hospital corridors at seven fifteen. I have heard it come from the mouths of sweet innocent children and raving lunatic drunks…whispered by the howling wind, written in misspelled curse words scrawled on subway walls.

Wisdom can be hard-fought and long won over the ages. It can be found by standing on the shoulders of giants. It can be located in the deep dusty corners of one’s mind patiently awaiting attention. Wisdom can take flight into insight and explode into enlightenment. It can descend into fire and chaos and emerge like the Phoenix. Wisdom is golden. It is the light.

gold sunset ocean sea light glitter


Wisdom is like stained glass. Cracked and beautiful, letting the light shine through. Breaking into a million pieces…

 I carefully pick up the broken shards. Each one unique and beautiful in it’s own way. The truth is not always beautiful but the seeking of it is. I accept each begotten piece, judging them not but embracing them for what they are; glimpses of knowing and experiencing. Windows into the heart and the soul and oh yes. an open door to glorious understanding.

Credit: Copyright © Janet Hince and Heart To Harp, 2010 – 2014.

The truth does not question me, why do I question the truth? It remains in the eye of the beholder but I seek a more unblinking eye of logic and find none exists.  Whatever we are and whatever we do we cannot separate ourselves from our very human feelings and these feelings can cloud our vision and effect our reality, at times to our detriment. It’s easy to doubt the validity of a message due to the doubtfulness and dubiousness of it’s messenger but in all rationality can the truth cease to be the truth if comes from something or someone we dislike? Something bad or wrong or evil?


eye evil dark scare fear


Can we learn from wickedness? Can a exquisite flower spring up from frozen lifelessness? Can a seed of understanding be gleaned from a stark and abandoned field? Can adversity, fear and pain teach us anything? What about dark and horrible things? What can beauty learn from ugliness?

flower snow crocus purple

Some of the most beautiful people have suffered and they understand; knowing firsthand the power of love and compassion. Being in the position of having to rely on the kindness of strangers is apt to make one a kinder stranger…a kinder person…

Rose Meaning quote thorns

As so it goes. All we can do is gather our pieces of wisdom, saving some for a rainy day or to chew on later on some idle Tuesday. We can store them in forgotten boxes under the bed or we can bring them out and use them for the good and betterment of us all.

Stuff to ponder I suppose…




Stephane Grappelli & Michel Petrucciani – Misty

Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

16 thoughts on “Wisdom from Unlikely Places”

  1. Love the rose metaphor! I would say more but honestly just processing the thoughts and truth of truth. Our feelings do cloud much, yet at times they also point to truth as well. And it can obscure it…so when is it leading to truth and when is it clouding it? Sometimes it seems time js the only true indicator. A lot to think on, thanks, and truly good timing. 🙂


  2. You always manage to get me pondering Nancy! I think we can learn from absolutely everything and everyone – good or bad. There’s always a lesson waiting to be learned.


    1. HI Cathy, More and more I find this to be true. I look back on events in my life that were not so good but I took away so much from them. I am such a stronger more capable person because of it. I mean, we are what happens to us and how he react.

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  3. Nancy, the idea of wisdom coming to us from anywhere and everywhere is a fascinating one…it requires us to be as open as possible wherever we may be. This is no small concept, and a difficult undertaking. Thank you for giving me (and all of your readers) this important thought to ponder. I enjoyed the lovely pictures along with the lovely words. 🙂


    1. Hello Ermigal, You are so kind. It is fascinating concept and something I instinctively know to be true. My life hasn’t been the easiest but I have learned appreciation and compassion which cannot be bought only earned I think. Thanks for your thoughtful and well put comment. 😀



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