Karen H. from Midlife Chronicles was kind enough to bestow unto me…


This is an honor and a surprise…


Karen H. is an inspirational one. In her blog Midlife Chronicles she is navigating midlife with wine, laughter and a twist of wry.  She also is a terrific writer who writes about commonplace events but makes it her own and breathes life into her words.  I highly recommend reading her blog.  Here and here are two posts to get you started.

The rules of this award were not passed down to me but that is quite alright since I’m not much for rules.  I do like to give credit where credit is due and definitely recognition.  In my wanderings around the WordPress universe I have run into many different kinds of blogs and writers.  Most are passionate about what they write, some are quite talented and a few have drawn me in whether it be by superb writing or by the personality of the writer. (or both) It is these that I visit on a regular basis and my list grows slowly but grow it does. New on my list is Marc Marrs’ Brown Eyed Music.

Marc is not only just a writer among other things, he is a songwriter and musican as well.

I have always admired songwriters. They are a rare breed. It takes a unique individual to straddle the two worlds of word and melody. To master these worlds and bring them to a colorful fruition takes a rare talent that most do not possess.

Music is important. It calms and soothes, it entertains and amuses. Music makes us feel the heights of ecstasy and the depths of despair. Music dares us to dream and music inspires.

Marc is following his dreams and that is inspiring to me, that is why I am awarding him THE INSPIRING BLOG AWARD. 

Marc Marrs is versatile and full of surprises.   He also writes movie reviews that are quite good. Stop by his blog Brown Eyed Music.

Give a listen to his Classical Trilogy to hear Middle Earth come to life or read his take on The Man of Steel himself; Superman and see ( and hear too) what I mean.

Wishing you an inspiring day!


Oh what a lovely award

There are events unique to this wonderful blogosphere in which we all have been adventuring: The giving and receiving of blog awards. Besides being a networking event, the blog awards showcase blogs that haven’t been around as long as some others but merit recognition and attention.

I have been doing some tag surfing as of late; darting here and there. I go for what interests me and delve right in. This is fun stuff for me; every site I visit is like walking into another’s mini universe. Each is as varied as the people, the writers behind them, not only showing diversity of lifestyles and opinion,but bringing to the forefront of what really matters; the fact that we are in actuality more alike than we sometimes believe.  Behind each one is a person or persons reaching out into the world; making connections, sharing ideas and hopes and dreams or maybe just a laugh.  What has impressed me the most is the talent, the raw talent that is out there, the honesty and the hopefulness; the beauty of humanity crying out to be heard in a seemingly infinite sea of information.

Recently I received a lovely award from a lovely person; Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko. This is such a lovely award is it is called “The One Lovely Blog Award”

Angi’s blog:  A Kiss of Bliss is one of those gems that I stumbled upon one night.  Check it out for quality writing on interesting and positive subjects.

I would like to thank Angi for the award. I appreciate the recognition. It is nice to receive it.  It’s even better to pass it on.

Here are the rules for the One Lovely Blog Award.

 1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

 2. Pass the award to other newly discovered blogs.

 3. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

What follows are some prime examples of stumbling upon other gems.

I nominate the following blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award


Sparkyleegeek’s blog:  Sparky Lee is an imaginative and talented writer. Reading this blog is like going to the amusement park. Fast paced and fun.

Words and Herbs:  Cathy lives in a beautiful part of the world and it is obvious from her photos.  Great writing on herbs and nature in general with some tasty recipes.

Finding My Worth: Realizing a Woman’s Worth.  Positive and inspiring pieces not just for women but for everyone.

More Zen Now:  If you need a laugh, go to this site.  Witty and intelligently funny. A great find.

I highly recommend these blogs to anyone looking for a quality read.

Have an excellent day!


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Liebster blog award nominees

Last week I went for a walk and I may I have wandered a bit too far because before I knew it, I had fallen off the edge of the world and slid down a deep hole into the dark recesses of my strange imagination.  There I pondered the mysteries of the universe while taking pictures and writing bad poetry.

Imagine my surprise upon returning to find a message informing me of my nomination for the Liebster blog award.  An award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve a little recognition. I don’t receive many awards, in fact I am an award virgin and being new to all this, I am a bit overwhelmed.

I am also more than a bit  honored by receiving this award especially coming from such a bloggist as Nouvelle Fille. I am a follower of her blog Because I Said at and have found it  be well written and entertaining.  She is one to watch and if you haven’t checked out her blog, you should.  It is well worth your time.

(Thank you Nouvelle Fille! This is quite an honor coming from you because I think so much of you and your blog.)

According to the rules this is the part when I nominate 5 other deserving blogs:  So without further they are…(drumroll please) Wrestling the muse

    A well-written blog, professional looking and pleasing to the eye. Love out Loud

Positive and inspirational. Beautiful messages. Living Life in Color

Full of sage advise and a zest for life. Viva la Color! Reverend Hellfire’s Sunday Sermon

Don’t let the name scare you.  The good reverend is a sensitive soul and a smart writer. The Compulsive Explainer

A prolific and intelligent. Let him explain it all. You might learn something. I have.

These blogs have been standouts to me.  They are prime examples of what an excellent blog looks like.  Pure quality.

Have a Great Day!