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Hello. My name is Nancy and I blog under the name of Strawberryindigo.


I am a writer deep down to the very essence of my being. Words are the air that I breathe. I have spent much of my life locked inside myself. I kept my thoughts and feelings buried behind a high wall of my own creation.  I was frightened of everything, especially people. I was alone and felt I had nowhere to turn. Words became my best friends; my only true friends.  The people I knew thought they knew the real me but that was only a facade. I hid myself well, Observing from the shadows.  I felt so different, so odd. I would have this fantasy that I was an alien being who had been deposited here by accident and someday my people would return for me. I felt so deeply. I still do. I would cry so easily…on the inside. I learned very early to keep this locked deep inside of me; this empathy for the world. It would hurt. I would feel pain; an emptiness that would ache and I would yearn for someone who was like me to share my thoughts and feelings with. I would sit alone in my room and write and write. I never shared any of these writings with anyone. I wouldn’t dare. Then they would know my secret that I wasn’t really one of them.

 I hid myself well. I grew up fast; numbing myself in a blur of drugs and alcohol, but the pain was still there just underneath the surface. There were times that I wanted to die, but life went on. I had two beautiful young children by then and knew if anything I had to live for them. But I still wouldn’t allow anyone in my heart and my soul. This continued through my twenties and thirties. It wasn’t until my daughter, then in the 5th grade, was diagnosed with Asperger’s, a form of high functioning autism that the pieces of the puzzle started to fill in for me. At first I denied it. How could she have Asperger’s, she is just like me and that is when it hit. I too was Asperger’s and I found that although I was and still am unique that I wasn’t alone…that I didn’t have to be. My life changed then.

I started to communicate online in a chat room for others on the spectrum. I found a group of people with so many similarities that was shook me to my core. Most of these people were younger than me and I found myself taking on the role of counselor to these young adults. I discovered that by helping others I was essentially healing myself.  The ache of my loneliness ceased the moment I said to someone else: “You are not alone, I am here for you”.  I found that I was braver and more outspoken than I thought I could ever be.I decided to start blogging and My Life in Color began. I meant the blog to be about my life on the spectrum, a sort of inside view of life on the inside, but just as before I found that even in the Asperger’s community, I was still an oddity and I sought my own way.

I decided to reach out to others in all walks of life around the globe. In the blogging community I was welcomed with open arms. My quirks and eccentricities, my colorful whimsicalness and my deep and strong feelings were viewed as assets not as strangeness. I was accepted and I bloomed and continue to thrive in this warm and welcoming atmosphere. I feel this is why I was put on this Earth: To reach out to those in need of reaching out to; the misunderstood and the alone, the quiet, the unique and yes…the odd…to everyone. I believe that all life is sacred, and we all need love. People, animals, and our beautiful planet Earth and I have put it upon myself to be an advocate for these ideals.I have become braver and braver over the two years I have been blogging. I have learned so much from you;  the wonderful people I have been in contact with. I have made friends all over the globe and I am constantly inspired by these communications. I know that I am not alone and that I never will be again and that is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember.  It is a dream of mine that I am finally pursuing.  I enjoy writing, it makes me happy.  I would like to share this happiness with you.  I believe I have a unique perspective on life that will be revealed as you read on. I have much to say; I can be opinionated and feisty and a bit over the top sometimes but I am honest and I care. I am inspired by our colorful planet full of life and all its beautiful forms.  I believe that optimism is contagious and that nothing is impossible.


I am interested in interesting people and meaningful and intelligent conversation.  I value all opinions and I like to explore all sides of an issue.

 I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.




I believe that by reaching out to others you are never alone. Feel free to comment on anything you see on this site. I welcome it.

I can be contacted privately at my email: strawberryindigo@gmail.com




These are a few of my favorite things

  • Hobbies:  Writing, Gardening, Photography and Visual Arts, Reading, Cooking, Philosophizing, Going for long walks, worrying and generally driving my family crazy.
  • Interests: Botany, Genetics, Evolution, History,Politics,  Economics, Biology, Anthropology,Philosophy, Law, The Earth and The Environment, Popular Culture and Unpopular Culture, Music, Non-fiction, Science Fiction, Space; the final frontier, Life, The Universe and almost everything!

Keep coming back.  I am always in flux and so is this website. There will new content on a constant basis.

You never know what you’ll get…


144 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Nancy. Thanks for liking my post. I love what you had to say here about yourself, your life and how you see things. It really resonates with me. At first, well, most of it, sounded like something I could have written about my life. We have much, much in common. How bold and brave and courageous you are! I love it when people live out loud. Go girl. I look forward to reading your blog. ;) So, you said you are pursuing your writing now. How’s that going?


      • Same here. I’m trying to create some sort of a schedule but so far, just scrambling trying to get as much done in the short 16 allotted hours as I can each day. Maybe I’ll come up with a more cohesive schedule one day soon. I’m a big list person. My prob is (most of the time) I make one to-do list and then another and another rather than keep it all on one to-do list, plus I have a day-planner that I cannot separate myself from. I really need to get my rear in gear and quit being so scatterbrained. It’s like I enjoy torturing myself with too much to do and there’s no way to get it all done. Ugh. And times are about to change next week so everything will be up in the air. My teen is having surgery and I’ll be up every 4 hours tending to her for at least the first 7 days, and after that, too. So, any sort of schedule and to-do lists will be floating up in the air for a few weeks.


  2. Dear Nancy, I feel honoured to have you follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you. Don’t ever hesitate to leave a comment or, even better, offer a guest post. Would love to publish your writings.


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  5. I love your blogs, your photos are very beautiful. I’ll be back… I also have a second blog on old pictures.
    SENSUALITE | La beauté à l’état pure


  6. Hello There — so glad I came to your “About” page. Just love this blog. Each time I visit, there are different colors and images. Always a great surprise. This time a rainbow popped up; don’t remember that before. I appreciate your attitude about writing because it makes you happy and you want to share that happiness with people. I enjoy writing also and began my blog with the approach that I would just be writing for me. The beautiful community interaction developed later. I still very much enjoy the writing each week. It has become a pleasure that I look forward to — even with the self-imposed timelines. An Irish blessing upon you and your home and cheers! to the mouse that licked up the brew, Alia


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  8. Thanks for adding my blog to your latest post! Happy Paddy’s Day!
    Reading your About Me section is like me reading about myself. Often have a strong opinion, interested in what makes the world tick and much more. Looking forward to reading more on your blog!


  9. I am glad that we found each other’s blogs. I like your writing, your topics and your views on 1970’s and 1980’s politics and the state of the world. And to comment would be complete without pointing out your sunny expression in you avatar.


    • Hey Gingerdad: I’m glad we found each other’s blogs too! I love your sense of humor and wit that goes with it…like peanut butter and jelly….I think we can form our own mutual admiration society right now! Thanks for the kind words my new friend!


  10. Hi there! This is just to let you know that because I enjoy your posts and comments, I’ve nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. I hope you’ll consider this good news – but even if you aren’t interested in accepting, I hope you may see some increased traffic as a result! The acceptance rules are at: http://wp.me/p2ekZU-ZC. All the best!


  11. Complimenti!!!
    Mi piace il Tuo modo di raccontare la Vita!!
    E’ scritta con il cuore!!
    Torno a trovarTi presto
    Un cordiale saluto


  12. Thank your for visiting my blog. I checked you out. You sound like someone I’d love to have a girls’ night out with just to catch up and talk about everything under the sun. And beyond!


  13. I’ve been here at your blog for a while viewing various parts and pieces of who you are. I’ve learned a few things here. I will enjoy following you. You are one talented and clever individual. Oh and from a profession view (used to have a marketing/advertising business) yours is one of the best laid out, creative and attractive blog sites that I have been to so far. You have arranged each section so very well it is a pleasure to navigate through the various parts and pieces of your blog. Thanks it is a pleasure to meet you via our blogging world of friends! :)


    • Cathy! Thanks so much for the award! I am truly honored and what a fitting award to come from you. You are a dear person with tons of inner and outer beauty. Thank you and congratulations to you too! :) :)


  14. My brother is an Aspie, too. You write beautifully. I appreciate your stopping by and liking my post and commenting. I, too, am an aspiring writer, and hope, someday, to write a novel. Meanwhile, I get my writing fix thru blogging. The thing I’ve had the most trouble with is finding my voice, and not caring so much what others think, but instead being honest and authentic. Thanks and I’ll be back! :)


    • Hi Karen: I had the very same problem finding my voice and not caring what others think about what I write. Blogging helps especially under a pseudonym. I am big on quotes and this one has helped me:

      “Better write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self.”
      **Cyril Connolly**

      Thanks for stopping by Karen. I think you are an entertaining and authentic writer and I heard your voice and like it. :)


  15. I have been following you in my reader but this is the first time I have been to your blog. It is lovely, thought provoking, funny, touching, beautiful to look at and well you get the point- I liked it a lot. The way you have a menu at the top is an idea I might try. Thanks for being you and blogging for the rest of us.


  16. I wanted to Thank you for your comment on my blog, it means a lot to me. I have so much I want to write and say but am so afraid people will continue to believe the old me, and not see how hard I am trying. Your words of encouragement are appreciated and I will be following your blog and reading it too.


  17. Good morning, Strawberryindigo…thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment for me…now I know you’re here. I’ve browsed your site a bit and have enjoyed what I’ve found. I will be back, and often. Thank you.


    • Hello afdavis: I’m glad we share so many interests, you must be an interesting person. I have not done much programming, none really. It is something I should get around to learning. I think it would help me in my blogging adventures and it does sound like fun.
      Thanks for stopping by fellow Aspie. :)


  18. Thanks for your comment on my Hawk Love post…it led me back to your blog. Between rants, gardening and willingness to kill for dark chocolate, I believe I’ve found a kindred spirit. I’ve just subscribed and I’m looking forward to your posts.


    • OOps, I forgot to ask the computer to notify me of anyone writing here.

      I like writing too. I do it to connect with the child within that is the most honest part of who I am. Finding him can be a mission in itself because he hides behind so many grown-up masks, roles and beliefs he dressed himself with to be what he thought others wanted him to be . . .

      And now, let me fill in the box.

      Thanks again!


    • Hello Micheal j. Your Sundance is quite the cat. Very spiritual, very zen. I am impressed. I would love to know what Sundance thinks of one of my latest posts. It’s about my adventure at a cat show. Thanks for your visit.


  19. A very nice introduction my friend
    and I will call again on the morrow
    to take a more extended visit, take
    a browse around your Space and
    capture the creative energy that is
    offered here…

    Have a most delightful Thursday :)



  20. Love the fact that you called by Learning from Dogs and that you are a writer. I’m also feeling my way along the blind path that is my writing journey – about a year into it. One of my favourite writing groups is LimeBird Writers, see here http://limebirduk.wordpress.com/ British based as you will readily observe but a great bunch. So keep at it and stay in touch, from an old Limey living in Arizona! Paul


    • Hello Paul. Thank you for stopping by and for the words of encouragement. Very much appreciated. I’ll check out the Limebird site as I am always looking for great bunches. I am learning that there is much to be learned from dogs.


  21. I was looking for all things indigo and stumbled across you. I’m pleased I did! I love the way you write and how you seem to capture life in all it’s glory.

    Love Indigovelvet


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  23. I love the way you talk to pen and write to paper, so fresh and easy.. Thank you for this gift, the connections are unlimited. faithfully yours sis.


    • Hey Connie! Thanks for stopping by, I’d offer you a cup of tea but my virtual teapot is broken.
      Don’t dispair..Come back again; I’m planning on making some virtual Chocolate Chip cookies.
      Seriously, Thanks for being such a great sister.


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