Today the world is colder…Senselessness at Sandy Hook Elementary

I am stunned and saddened by what has happened in Connecticut today and I am compelled to write this. I suppose that is only human nature; to reach out after such a tragic event. My fingers are flying across the keyboard as I quickly compose this.

First of all, my  heart goes out to all the families and to everyone involved…really…my heart goes out to everyone because we are all involved.

I yearn to offer words of comfort, of solace. I want to say that everything will be alright. .

I want to ask ‘Why?!”   I want to scream and rage and cry my eyes out! I want to make sense of all this senselessness, but it is all much too shocking and much too fresh…

All I can say at this point is this must stop!

I am frightened at what this world is becoming.  I’ve been making light of this end of days business; this crazy notion that the Mayan’s have predicted the world ending on December 21st of this year.  I still don’t believe in that insane notion but nevertheless, I am keeping myself and my family at home on that day, not because I believe the world will end but because I doubt the sanity of my fellow humans and I don’t trust in them. I guess I should say “us” because it is “us”  and this angers me.

Is this what we humans are about?!  We think the world will end so we go crazy…this mania is contagious and if I have helped spread it by my making fun of it, I regret this… and again I say, this time I am screaming; THIS MUST STOP!!!!

Why oh why do we humans need to turn on each other in times of crisis?

This is a rhetorical question I expect no answer…and I really don’t know why I am writing this…I can offer you nothing really, no insight or answers, no comfort but to offer a discourse and a suggestion…a sugggestion that will probably be repeated time and time again over the coming days.

Be there for your loved ones, hug them a little tighter tonight.  Be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to talk off, or a heart to reach out with love.  Be there; because we need each other–especially right now.

I have tried in the past to keep this blog light…I want to be a port in the storm on a sea of darkness but today is just too dark for that but I will make a promise to you, my friends. On THAT day–you know the one..the day I’ll be staying home, I will be publishing a frivolous distraction and I will do my best to make you smile, perhaps to give you a laugh or two but today the wound is still too fresh but on that day I promise this…

…for now I want to say…. I need to say…I’m sorry…

Take care and remember LOVE is contagious too.

Nancy (aka Strawberryindigo.)


Author: Strawberryindigo

A starry-eyed dreamer and adventurer of the imagination. I am a feisty Aspie exploding with colorfully creative energies.

26 thoughts on “Today the world is colder…Senselessness at Sandy Hook Elementary”

  1. I don’t know which is which: arm every school security guard or revoke the right to bear arms? But I do know it should have been a little different: when the attacker was met with armed guards before he entered the gate and the school premises; when he had not used automatic firing rifle to kill with ease and impunity; when he just run amok with his fist or a knife.


    1. Hi Maxim: Unfortunately I don’t think it is that simple….I personally do not own a gun but someday I may, who knows? One thing I do know is that it is not as black and white as some would make it to be. I think this is a time not to push one’s own agenda but to give ourselves a hard look in the face and see what looks back at us.
      I think the NRA said what they did not out of concern for children but concern for themselves and the bottom line. That is unfortunate.
      Thanks for your comments. 🙂


  2. Tragic, scary, painful, senseless evil crime. We mourn as a family and holding hand in thoughts and prayers hoping it does not happen again. My thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families and the survivors. There are no words we can really say for those who lost their love ones to a man without guilt and humanity in him.


  3. When these horrors happen, we need voices like yours to remind us of what is important – to remember we never know how many breaths any of us will take, and so to lose no opportunity to share love and be kind. Thank you for your words and for the candle. You help me remember that there is still light even when the world is so dark.


  4. Some days are days for light and fluffy, soft and cuddly words and some days are simply not. The day when the world fell in that small town of Connecticut was a day for words with sharp edges, for heavy words. Thank you for writing this. Hugs to you my friend.


  5. You are very right in writing this. This was a terrible tragedy and we are all together in this. A very touching piece of writing.


  6. As a mom who has lost a child, I am filled with a grief that makes me physically ill. Nothing will fix this horror, We ask “why” and there is no answer. Do something klnd for someone, old, young, maybe different from you or maybe your own family. Try to let the kindness somehow outweigh the cruelty and pain. That is all we can do.


      1. I like your lit candle-I have a memory site for my son where you can light a candle-look on my facebook page brenda lewis and you can scroll down and find a link and look at it-his story etc…beebeee



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